Friday, January 18, 2008

The Extremist White Hate Of Marxists

Assaulting Whites who are proud of their Race Is
encouraged. Because they think White pride Is
a "Nazi" belief.

That Is what Marxist extremists believe.

Why no encouragement of assaulting Mexicans
and proud Latinos ?

Are you going to attack proud Asians too ?

What about proud Blacks ?

The Marxist belief -

"Fascists on di attack? Don't worry 'bout dat. Fascists
on di attack? We will fight dem back! "

Number 1- Not everyone who looks out for White racial
Interests Is a Fascist. But that Is what your public
school teachers tell you, so you believe them. Stop
It with the pathetic "Nazi" canard. Alot of these
"Neo-Nazi's" you rail against, are just Zionist
stooges. They are paid to defame White Pride, and
to keep "Useful Idiot" Marxists and minorities
paranoid. And they seek to Instill fear Into Whites
that White pride = "Racist Nazi ". They are shill
organizations ! All the while Minority pride is
pushed. The purpose Is to disarm Whites and to
marginalize us. As you see once somebody White
says the slightest thing = RACISM ! A people
without a voice cannot criticize the Zionist
agenda, or look out for their group Interests. That
Is the reason behind the whole Anti- White Race game.

Don't believe me ?

Zionist Jew agent posing as a "White supremacist"

How big is Bill White’s American Nazi Party?

Zionist Jew "Nazi " frauds

Another horrible Neo Nazi

See how they manipulate you ?

Why do they do this ?

See the link below-

To the Zionist, Marxist are just "Useful Idiots".

Number 2- They should have taught you how to
spell correctly. But Instead they just Indoctrinated
you. Such Is life In the West today though.

Number 3- How can you hypocrites denounce White
pride and not any other Racial pride ?

Not all Whites who wish to defend their culture and
heritage, are Skinheads. Not all Whites
who have pride In their race are KKK. That
stereotype needs to die. Every Race Is entitled to
be proud, and to stand for their group Interests.

If you consider that "Racist", I will give no apologies.

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