Wednesday, January 16, 2008

They Have No Decency, Just Hypocrisy

By Odessa

Counter protesters at the protest of
the Channon Christian and Christopher
Newsom murders. As you know the media
covered this crime up. And Whites were
called racist for protesting this fact.

Have they no decency ! They could
give two shits that two White youth
were brutally murdered. But as
we get more Multicultural , the
more their ranks shrink. Nobody
Is buying the tolerance scam
anymore. Especially when It only
works one way, for Non-Whites
only !

Homosexual drag queens, pretty mentally deranged.

They could care less about the murder victims. They were
evil Whites anyway !

How Is It exploiting tragedy ? Blacks
march for Black causes and Mexicans
on May 1st every year. Why are Whites
forbidden to look out for theirs ? How
Is It racist for Whites to look
out for theirs ? You trash create
"Nazi's "with your PC double standards.

Ever notice how all of these
Anti-"Nazi" protesters
are mostly White ! Talk
about Zionist brainwashing .

Suspects Eric Boyd, George Thomas, Lemaricus Davidson, Letalvis Cobbins and Vanessa Coleman

The "poor oppressed" Blacks they defended.

The young couple murdered In
the prime of their youth.

The details of the crime -

Once back at Davidson's apartment, several people
allegedly raped Christopher in front of his girlfriend. Afterwards, he
was shot multiple times. His body was then set on fire, in an
apparent attempt to cover up evidence, and dumped near
the railroad tracks.

When the perpetrators were finished with Christopher, they
allegedly turned their attention to Channon. For two days, she
was beaten, gang raped and at times urinated upon. When her killers
finally had their fill of her, they poured bleach down her throat, in
an attempt to cover up evidence, and shot her multiple times. As
with Christopher, they set her body on fire; however, for unknown
reasons, they did not dump her body but instead placed it
in a trashcan inside the apartment.

Jena, La

Is this racist ? It has to be If the above march
was to you. I mean Blacks marching for
Black causes. How can you hypocrites
condemn Whites ?

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I only see one non-Black ! This has to be
considered racist by the all enlightened PC crowd.

Where are all of the PC counter protesters ?

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A sea of all Black faces, still no PC Anti-Racist
counter protesters ! My how they would
whine of a sea of all White faces !

An illegal immigrant protsting. Via

The annual May 1st Mexican protest day

Hey he's Anti-White, any PC people care to
correct his behavior ?

They look pretty ethnocentric. Still no useful
Idiots crying racism!

I only see Mexicans marching. Isn't looking out
for your race a racist thing ? Oh , Only
for White people you say.

Where Is the Diversity amongst
these marchers. And where are all
of the Anti-Racist police ?
Hypocrites !

You make me sick. Either stand
for something and deal with
everyone consistently. Or don't
claim to stand for anything at all.

You are all just a bunch of PC
clowns looking for a cause celeb !

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