Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Canadian Jewish Congress Hassles Homeless Newspaper

Jewish Congress Menaces
Homeless Newspaper Over
Henry Makow, PhD
By Henry Makow PhD

The Canadian Jewish Congress wants to close
down "The Toronto Street News" over its policy of
running articles from my web site. The loss of
the "Street News" would deprive 50 impoverished
people of about $300 a month which they earn
by selling it, says Editor and Publisher, Victor
Fletcher, 63.

In the statement, Len Rudner, the Ontario
Regional Director for Canadian Jewish
Congress, CJC says:

"In his December 1st article "The Worst
Anti-Semites are Zionists," Henry Makow offers
his theory that the Jewish people somehow
control the world's money. He claims, among other
things, that the Zionists have taken over
the US government and that organized
American Jewry run the central bank. According
to Makow, this (Jewish) cartel "is behind all
major wars and depressions of the past
300 years, behind Communism, Fascism
and the Holocaust, behind 9-11 and
the bogus war on terror."


Rudner is using the tired, disingenuous
sleight-of-hand of characterizing opposition
to the Zionist political agenda as "hatred
of Jews." By his logic, the majority of
American Jews are antisemitic because
the majority are against the war in Iraq.

Zionism is a gimmick the central banking
cartel uses to cause wars to weaken all
countries and religions and fold them into
a thinly-veiled one-world dictatorship. All
countries are ruled by traitors, "globalists" --who
are the lackeys of this international
cartel. This is why there is not one serious
Presidential contender against the
Iraq war despite majority opposition to the war.

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