Saturday, January 19, 2008

The War Economy

They will keep coming for a Hurdred Years


It has already started, and it may never end. The
politicians in Washington need corporate cash to
continue in office. Our political system is too corrupt
and too big to exist without a War Economy.

The Bush administration fired generals who said
the plans for Iraq were insufficient. They knew
you could not march into another man’s country
and expect him to lie down and welcome you
warmly. Invasion takes overwhelming force. If
overwhelming force had been used the war
would have been over in a hurry. However, fast
wars are not profitable. The war profiteers need
more blood to feed their insatiable appetites and
politicians need war profiteers’ money to get
reelected. To feed their greedy insatiable
appetites they need more troops for the war;
they now want a draft. We have already lost
3,589 of our husbands and wives, brothers and
sisters, sons and daughters, friends and
neighbors. How many more will be more
sacrificed to feed their greed?

Osama Bin Laden has caused a worldwide
systemic war between the West and Islam
by doing nothing…President Bush is doing
it all for him. The current administration
started this war and laid the multinational
foundation for a 100-year war with Islam.

President Bush started this Armageddon
and now believes that God will save him. God
in heaven weeps for his children who are
hurting each other in his name. He wants us
to love and get along with each other and
do no harm.

We must use the good sense that God
has given us. We must remove the corrupt
people from government; please join the
New Revolution.

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