Friday, December 21, 2007

Zionist Jew "Nazi " frauds

American Nazis

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The American Nazi Party

The German-American Bund was a pro-Nazi political movement
that started in 1935. Under the leadership of its "Führer," a
notorious anti-Semite named Fritz Kuhn, the Bund at its height
claimed about 15,000 members.

A 1939 rally in New York City's Madison Square Garden
attracted an audience of 20,000 (which oddly were
mostly Jewish). The Bund's fortunes experienced a
downturn in 1939, when Kuhn was sent to prison
for embezzling funds.

It turned out that the ADL was financing the whole thing.

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George Lincoln Rockwell

Rockwell ran the American Nazi Party from 1959-1969 with
six part time troopers and 300 followers.

Oddly, the Jewish media lavished him with massive
publicity, which was totally odd for a mere "Army" of six
people. Even Hugh (Heim?) AKA Hefner put him in Playboy.

Rockwell's legend was 100 times bigger than his persona.

George grew up surrounded by Jewish entertainers such as
Fred Allen (Fischel Lebowitz), Rudy Vallee, Benny
Goodman, Groucho Marx and Walter Winchell (Jewish
Vaudeville dancer).

He went to Hebron Academy, Brown University, and
New York Art College (all hotbeds of Judaism).

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Ben Klassen

Ben Klassen was born in 1918 in the Ukraine, to a
wonderful Jewish family
. When he was six, he and his
family fled the Ukraine to try to start life anew in
Saskatchewan, Canada. He was 22 when World War Two
started, and as with most Jewish men, he sat the war out
in college. He later joins the John Birch Society -- which is
now known as a "smokescreen for the Jews". Next, he
moves to Florida and participates in George Wallace's
1968 presidential campaign.

In 1973, Klassen formed the COTC with the publication
of a 511-page tome entitled "Nature's Eternal Religion".

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Frank Collins (Cohen)

Frank Collins

Frank Collins, a modern Fuhrer, marched in Skokie, IL, which
has the largest population of Holocaust survivors.

In 1980, Collins was discovered to be a Jew named Frank
Cohen - he was convicted of hiring underage boys and
violating them – sent to a country club prison by a Jewish
Judge and released after three years.

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The Kosher Nazi Party

Run by a monster called Wolfgang Hawke-- whose birth
name is Andrew Brita Greenbaum.

Another horrible Neo Nazi

More Hebrew Nazis

In this episode of 'Jewish fairy tales' we get to be frightened by
Commander Wolfgang Hawke aka Nathan Greenbaum. As
usual, the Zionists press plays this Kosher clown as the next Hitler.

Why do Zionist Jews finance and lead these
fake Nazi Movements ? Follow the link below.

How the Zionist thrives from and encourages Anti-Semitism.

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