Saturday, December 22, 2007

Zionists receive special justice !

Comments by Odessa

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If Jews who commit crimes are
prosecuted ,the Zionist ADL will
shriek Anti-Semitism !

Where Is Abe Foxman's leadership In
the Jewish community In regards to the events
below ? Where Is his condemnation of the Jews who
do evil ? Why Is It that when White's or any other
ethnic group who are not Jewish, harm a Jew . Abe expects a
personal apology from the that ethnic group !Foxman Is a
Zionist Bigot who believes Jews are superior, and
are above "Goyim"(Non-Jews). Abe believes
the bigoted Zionist view that Jews are
“God’s chosen people”, and not subject to
the rule of "Goyim" law.

Please click on the links below.

The Epstein Affair

This ape, and his partner, shot a small
town grandmother with a 357 and got probation

Blood in the Hamptons

The Spector Trial

NY Princess Is Above The Law

Zionists get away with murder
and corruption. Meanwhile a
"Nazi" dog and his owner ,must receive
punishment to the full extent of the
law. How much more Insane does
this get ??!!

Nazi dog to be gassed?

Dog's Nazi Salute Jails Owner For 5 Months

Only In Zionist controlled Nations do
we see such Insanity !

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