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America's cultural crisis



By Frosty Wooldridge
December 17, 2007

As you watch your TV each night, do you appreciate
America’s future sociological upheavals taking place
before your eyes--today? For the most part, Americans
don’t bat an eyelash. As long as it doesn’t bother them
today, it’s someone else’s problem.

Los Angeles, California explodes with gang
violence, 3.1 million illegal aliens,$38 billion
debt, hospitals bankrupting, schools overrun
and prisons exploding with Mexican criminals

but Americans go about their business as if it doesn’t
affect them.

It stupefies me that my neighbors in Denver, Colorado
watch gang murders in our city each week without
uttering a word. Drunken illegal migrants kill our
citizens, but the local papers hide that fact in daily
reports—on the guise of avoiding finger pointing at
particular ethnic groups.

How grave must violence become before we garner
the guts to confront objective facts? Do all minority
groups merit immunity as our nation falls
into lawless chaos?
How does this serve our society?

Our Governor Ritter, while Colorado’s district attorney,
allowed seasoned drug and sex offenders off with
‘criminal trespass’ so they wouldn’t be deported—but
never told Colorado citizens. Many of them killed
Coloradans after release. We feature 500,000 illegals
in Colorado leeching into our schools and obtaining
free breakfasts, lunches and welfare. Anchor
babies stress our hospitals while illegals
explode our prison population
. Your state
reflects similar statistics commensurate to your
illegal alien population.

We Americans stagger into the night as we continue
toward a cliff. Our presidential candidates continue
dancing around the illegal immigration crisis. Huckabee
continues his ‘hucksterism’ while Obama thinks 20
million of them pick lettuce. Hillary sprints away from
every question as to her solutions. Notice how the
main stream media marginalizes Tom
Tancredo, Ron Paul
and Duncan Hunter by
ignoring their answers to this nation-destroying
issue. All the while, their ‘pick’ for president
rides high in the polls.

We remain in the cross-hairs of a cultural time-bomb
that already exploded in Europe. Their legal immigrants
from poverty stricken regions in Africa and the Middle East
accelerate social chaos, isolation, language separation and
poverty. Harsh facts show them not assimilating into host
countries. Multiculturalism and diversity prove a nightmare
for Europeans.

In a report profiling our country’s dilemma: “Glimpse into
America’s Future”, December 7, 2007, Dave Gibson reported,
“Once again massive riots have taken place in a Paris suburb
which is populated with North African and Arab
immigrants. Over the past week, over 100 police officers
have been injured as thugs hurled rocks and Molotov
cocktails, and fired shotguns at them.

”The accidental death of two black teenagers last week
touched off riots. The Moroccan and Senegalese immigrants
ran their motorcycle into a police car and were killed
instantly. Neither of them wore a helmet. In 2005, it was
also the death of two teenaged African immigrants who
were electrocuted as they attempted to hide from police
in an electrical substation, which touched off riots.

”The recent violence in Villiers-Le-Bel, France was
reminiscent of the 2005 riots when North African and
Arab immigrants rampaged for three weeks in 274 French
cities and towns. During that period, 126 police officers
and firefighters were injured, 9,000 vehicles were
burned as well as many buildings, and the property
damage reached $400 million.”

The following are amongst the most despicable acts
of the 2005 French riots:

* A nursery school was set ablaze in Carpentras * Rioters
attacked a daycare center in Cambrai

* A Roman Catholic Church was destroyed by firebombs
in Romans-sur-Isere * A junior high school In Grenoble
was torched

Gibson continued, “France's North African and Arab population
disproportionately dominate the welfare rolls. Easy access
to government aid is what seems to have attracted many
immigrants to France in the first place. Because they can
rely on government payments indefinitely, these groups have
little motivation to find jobs and have an extremely high
unemployment rate. These groups also have the highest
number of births of any ethnic group in France and
account for that country's current birth rate, which
is the highest in Europe.

”France's African and Arab population live almost exclusively
unto themselves and rarely integrate. They live in housing
projects supported by France's incredibly over-taxed
citizens and have no interest in assimilation. More troubling
is France's growing Muslim population which is estimated
to be between 5-6 million. Islam is currently second to
Catholicism in the number of followers amongst
French worshipers.”

Author, war correspondent, politician, and grandson of the
British prime minister with the same name Winston
Churchill III described the Muslim danger facing France
in a speech given in Australia last year. An excerpt of that
speech follows:

"The scale of the problem confronting Europe today is
epitomized by France, which has a Muslim community of
some six million, or 10 percent of its population. Their
birthrate explodes beyond French citizens.

"In other words, within one further generation, France
will have become an Islamic country--a truly
awesome prospect.

”Just as France is being overrun with African and Arab
immigrants who refuse to assimilate and even generations
later, still identify themselves with their ancestral country
rather than where they live most or all of their lives. The
United States is facing the same situation due to the
massive illegal immigration and high birth rate
amongst Latinos.”

In 2006, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that the population
of the United States reached 300 million. Latino illegal
immigration and births to those illegal aliens fueled the
population explosion. In 2005, Latinos accounted for half
of the U.S. population growth for that year. Less than
one-fifth of that year's increase could be attributed to
legal Americans.

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