Saturday, December 22, 2007

NOLA will not be a "Chocolate city" according to Zionist plans.

By Odessa

"This city will be chocolate at the end
of the day." - Mayor Ray Nagin
Art by Tony Perone
Sorry Ray, It just Isn't gonna happen. And you cannot blame
"Whitey" for this one. Bush and his Zionist pals want Blacks
out of New Orleans. But to the Blacks I say welcome to
the club. The Zionist Is now trying to displace you from
your historical roots, the same way they have been assaulting
White America's. We have alot more In common with each
other than you think ! The Zionist's hate both of us and want
to destroy both of our peoples. Why do you think they pit us
at each others throat ? We fight and they screw us both over.

See the links below

Zionists have plans for a second Las
Vegas and blacks aren't part of them

Katrina Levees

Who controls New Orleans


Loss of 4700 apartments in New Orleans - The new Las Vegas

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Where Is this guy ?
Or this guy ?

I guess Al and Jesse know better than to bite the hand that
feeds them- Zionists. They never hesitate to blame White
America , for every Ill the Black community suffers. Meanwhile
Blacks are being pushed out of New Orleans by Zionists, and
they're mute ! Hey Al maybe you should stop protesting for
bogus ADL causes like "Hate Crime Laws". Your people need you
In NOLA and you are missing In action. I'm sure Jesse Is out
shaking down some big business In a bogus racism law suit
right now.These guys will not lift a finger. They know If
they ever get uppity, the Zionists that built them, will
tear them down. Other Black leaders In New Orleans still
blame "Whitey", Can't you people ever see how much the
Zionist uses you ? Who do you think wants you to hate
Whites, while at the same time exploiting you ?

Sorry Kanye, It Is much more complex than Bush not liking
Blacks. But you are close ! Someone hates Blacks, and
they're Zionist Jews ! Although Bush likely does too.

The planned future of New Orleans after the Zionist kicks out all
Blacks . Upscale homes for the Zionist New Orleans Elites In former
historical Black neighborhoods.

But I'm sure they'll also have homes for their new underclass. The
Illegal aliens who are the Zionist elites new slave laborers. These
are the people who were hired to rebuild New Orleans. Isn't
diversity wonderful how It displaces us all ?! Blacks out and
Mexicans In ! The Elites really love to ethnically cleanse
all areas of racial history and unity.

Barbara Bush's opinion on
the people of New Orleans suffering .

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