Friday, December 21, 2007

Photos from the Zionist Weimar Germany era. Looks like America today !

Warning ! Some photos are sexually graphic.

The Versailles Treaty Brought The Weimar
Age And Depression

German Jews, reinforced by Polish and Russian Jews, became
the dominant force in Weimar Germany. Their Communist's
elected officials were gaining seats, and they dominated the
professional class, especially in Berlin.

Next came their sexual revolution, and Berlin was
the center. It is considered the most decadent era in
modern times.

Finally the German people had their fill, and Chancellor
Hitler, and the socialist party, passed the Nuremberg laws.

1935 Laws For Protection Of German Women

It does look like the more things
change, The more they remain the same.

America today and Weimar Germany, eerily share
the same characteristics. A Zionist takeover and the
decadence that follows. The Zionist poisons the
People's Racial ,National and personal pride, while
profiting from the exploitation.

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