Monday, December 17, 2007

The American sheeple

Comments by Odessa
Illustrations by David Dees from-

Obese, Apathetic and mesmerized by corporate media
lies. Don't worry have another Diet Coke and some
more junk food, everything
will be okay ! Our corporate masters say so !
I mean they've always told us nothing
but the truth right ?

Ahh... family time In front of the T.V., You do know
It's called programming for a reason. But what a good
parent you are to assist the state. Assisting In the
corporate media Indoctrination of your children. They
need a future of apathetic and dumbed down consumers
to keep the corporate beast fed.
America's going to hell fast ! But according to the
corporate media, all Is just peachy. You wouldn't want
to be called a Racist, Extremist, or an Islamofacist for disagreeing
would you ? For speaking out against our Wars of adventure for
profit, Rampant Illegal and legal Immigration, or our erosion of
rights and the ethnic balkinization of America. would you ?

Most Americans stick their head In the
sand and hope It all goes away. They
are afraid to freely think and
step out of line. With the politically
correct religion, endorsed by
the media.

Fear and a bogeyman ! The way The State keeps the citizenry
In line. By the way where Is Osama ? The corporate media seems
to think we have all forgot. forgot that the War of Terror was suposed
to be against Osama. How quickly they pervert things and went
after Saddam, And now salivate for a War on Iran. Does Osama
even exist ? He seems like America's Emmanuel Goldstein, the
permanent enemy of the state In Orwell's 1984. Who was a
creation of the state Itself.

Would you believe me If I told you of the NWO ? Told you how
they plan to microchip every person on Earth ? Told you how they
plan to take away our rights ? Told you that to them we are just
cattle to work our planned future of Impoverished lives away for
them ?How they would like to depopulate the Earths population
by 80% through war and lab created diseases? Most
Americans wouldn't as the corporate media says
that's just plain crazy talk.

But then again who tends to gain the most
from keeping this silent ? Corporations !

Who owns the media and officials
In countless Nations ? Corporations !

Who owns the Corporations who
Influence our Politicians and control
the Media ? Central Bankers !

Who wants the NWO ? Central Bankers !

Wake up sheeple, the media wants to
keep you dumb and blind. Why do
you think the news Is more about
sports, consumerism, sensationalist soap opera
(The ever shifting big story of the week) or the
entertainment culture and less about reality ?

Think the ballot box will
change this ? If the media's darling candidates
do not win an election, they have an answer. Electronic
voting, they will rig election after election to
achieve their means. They will rig the results
and report the rigged results to the
press. To the Elites people are not entitled
to choose their own destiny.

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