Monday, December 17, 2007

Do not listen to the Media ! Guns save lives.

By Odessa

Don't fall for the corporate media propaganda. Guns save lives by
stopping more attackers per year, Than the lives taken by armed
madmen (Who are usually under the Influence of
Anti-depressants) yet that Is conveniently covered up.

Just think how many lives would have been saved, had
the defenseless at Virginia Tech or the Omaha shooting
had been armed. Killers don't pick armed targets
to attack. Have you ever heard of a spree killer
choosing a police station or a shooting
range for homicide ? Gun free = murder victim
and killing zone. Also how can a disarmed
populace stand up to a tyrannical
government. Think the 2nd amendment
Is an Antiquated notion ?

Some Stats-

Ottoman Turkey, from 1915-17
killed 1-1.5 million Armenians

The Soviet Union from 1929-53
killed 20 million Anti-Communists
and opponents of the Stalin regime

Nazi Germany killed more
than 13 million from

China killed more than 20
million Anti-Communists
from 1949-52,
1957-60 and 1966-76

Guatemala killed more
than 100,000 Mayan
Indians from 1960-81

The regime of Idi Amin
killed more than 300,000
Christians and political
rivals of Amin from 1971-79

The Khmer Rouge regime
of Pol Pot murdered
1 million Cambodians
from 1975-79

And the link that all of these Nations
shared. Gun ownership was banned by
the State. Nobody could oppose the tyranny
that overtook their everyday lives. They
were powerless to revolt against their
own demises.

So as our so-called leaders get more and
more power hungry and corrupt. Would
you really feel safer not being prepared to
revolt ? Do you really want to be
at the states mercy ? Look at how
well the state treated the disarmed
populaces above. Lack of
guns doesn't equal safety for
anyone but the tyrannical state.

Mao Tse-Tung summed this up
best when he proclaimed

"Political power grows from the barrel
of a gun"

As our streets become more and
more dangerous and armed to
the teeth. Would you really
feel safer disarmed ? The
criminal will always be armed, It
doesn't matter how many laws are
passed. Do you think criminals are
called such for obeying the Law ?

Turn off the Corporate blabbering
Idiots and do your own research. You'll
be surprised by the reality they
omit from you. The corporate media
have an agenda, they want unarmed

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