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The Zionist Holocaust numbers game

The Macabre Holocaust Numbers Game

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
April 15, 2006


By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

Recently a reader asked my opinion of the Jewish holocaust:

"Some of the 911 people think that there were no 'death
camps' as such, but apart from cruel executions to
terrorise inmates the vast bulk of deaths occurred
because of Typhus and other diseases towards the
end of the war when things started to go badly for
Germany and food supplies became very scarce. There
is a Red Cross document on the internet that estimates
the total number of deaths of peoples from all groups in
all camps at about 280, 000. Now everyone has an
agenda but the 6 million figures and this number are so
ridiculously different I wonder where should one begin
to look to find the truth about the 'holocaust'."

These events took place more than 60 years ago and
we are all dependent on historical and eyewitness
accounts. To a large extent, it's a question of whom you
believe. I am not an expert on the subject and will
continue to research it. I can only give you my opinion
and I defer to the truth. I have no ax to grind.

I don't trust the Red Cross which I suspect is an Illuminati
organization. My sense is that after mid-1941 the Nazis had
a deliberate policy of exterminating European Jews. I would
accept Raul Hilberg's conclusion in "The Destruction of the
European Jews"
that about 5.1 million were killed. (See his
Appendices.) Hilberg could hardly get this book published
because he documented the lack of Jewish resistance.

I am also impressed by German historian Heinz Hohne's
"The Order of the Death's Head: The Story of Hitler's SS,"

which supports Hilberg's view. The SS was responsible for
executing the "Final Solution." He lists the camps where
three million died. (380) There is no question the Nazis
used gas vans in Russia so I can believe they had gas
chambers in some death camps.

I don’t have to rely on books entirely. Both my parents
were Polish Jews who survived by passing as Catholics. I
have their accounts of how Jews were hunted like
animals. My grandparents perished. Many Jewish families
experienced similar or greater losses. Sympathetic Poles
and Germans helped my parents survive.

Holocaust "minimizers" have no trouble believing that
Himmler tried to ransom a million Hungarian Jews for
trucks and provisions (but was rejected by the
Zionists.) They have alot of trouble accepting that he
was bartering their lives.

This is my present view. I urge people to do their
own research. Please don't send me information and
arguments either way. I know where to find them.


The Jewish holocaust has become an issue because it has
been politicized. Elite mind controllers, like Jewish
mothers, understand the power of guilt as a
psychological weapon.

Guilt both activates the "victims" and subdues the
"guilty." Mind controllers have applied this strategy to
women, homosexuals, and Blacks as well as Jews.
(See my "The Victim as Moral Zombie.")

Why are they trying to give the Jewish genocide a special
status above all others? Victimhood bestows a certain power
and prestige on Jews who occupy prominent places in the
New World Order. This makes them and the new system
immune to criticism or resistance. The Jewish holocaust
also justifies WW2 and Zionism.

Naturally, opponents of the New World Order want to take
this advantage away. Atrocity stories, after all, are a staple
of propaganda. Numbers do get exaggerated for more
effect. If Hilberg is right, five million slaughtered was
not enough.

But I suspect some opponents of the NWO are erring in
the other direction, and it undermines their larger
cause. It's a mistake for patriots to appear to minimize
the Jewish holocaust. Its makes them look stupid and
insensitive and discredits them. On the other hand,
people like Ernst Zundel, a German patriot, and
David Irving, a gifted historian, have a right to ask
questions. They should be answered with
documentation, not jail.

The least we can do for all innocent victims is accurately
acknowledge their murder. Apparently this modicum
of civility is too much to ask. People are too ready to
trim the truth to fit their agenda. Truth is the only
thing that matters.

I also wish we could shake the feebleminded habit of
"guilt by association." This is the way they divide us. No
one is responsible for what other people of similar
background do. We are individuals
. All Americans are
NOT responsible for American atrocities in Iraq or at
Guantanamo Bay. (But opponents of this war are
required to take a stand.)

Jews are individuals like everyone else. Yes, many Jews
serve as a Trojan Horse for the Illuminati. But many other
Jews oppose the New World Order. For example,
Rabbi Daniel Lapin is an outspoken critic of the
degrading influence of Hollywood Jews on American
culture. I wish more Jews would take such a stand.

Jews are not a cohesive community as anti-Semites who
crave a simple solution imagine. Let's treat people as
individuals and judge them on the basis of their actions. Isn’t
individualism something we value?

I don't believe in "prestige by association" either. I am
embarrassed by the special treatment given to the
Jewish holocaust. All war is genocide. More than sixty
million died in the Second World War. German civilians
and POWS. The Polish intelligensia. Stalin killed more
than twenty million people. Mao killed sixty million.
Rwanda. Cambodia. Bosnia. Ukraine. Armenia. The list
goes on and on.

As long as the elite exploits the Jewish holocaust for
political gain, opponents will minimize it. The subject
should be removed from the political arena
altogether. Let's show some respect and decency.


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