Monday, December 17, 2007

Lemming Nation.

A Nation Of Lemmings?
By Judith Moriarty

It appears that many Americans are lemmings. Few
have the privilege of not having to engage in
dreary, tedious, mind-numbing work. Today,
workers are doing the jobs of two or three
employees (downsizing does that). They
work their entire lives, get a a few weeks
vacation, have five more years to pay that
house off, then the Paper Mill (Maytag - Steel
Plant) closes, and the house is foreclosed
upon. For decades, they paid bundles of
money only to have the banksters come in
and clean up in the end. Then they wind up
in a trailer, living in their car or tent...
and then they die.
The lemmings in airports are held captive by
ludicrous (supposed) safety regulations. If
they object, there goes that vacation or
business trip. Worse , they could end up
DEAD by being shot with 50,000 volt taser
guns (or die, terrified, in airport holding
rooms in the hands of cops). Airport 'security'
people are given all kinds of fancy pins, badges,
and authority enabling them to utilize power
they would never have in their dreary, lackluster
lives. For a moment in time (work hours),
they can boss around or cancel trips for those
that they've always envied. Of course, all of
this was never about SECURITY. It's about
CONTROL...and a few corporate vultures
making countless MILLIONS.
Meanwhile, we're supposed to believe that 19
Arabs directed by a sick man in a cave took a
few flying lessons on crop dusters and became
proficient multi-engine jetliner pilots and
were then able to maneuver huge, computerized
airliners across the country with NO
interference? And that this was all
accomplished with $1.98 box cutters
(weapons) against the world's biggest
mega-billion dollar defense department?
We are supposed to believe that 47 story
buildings just fall by themselves and 1,000
other absurdities. And because of this
'terrorist attack' we are now ALL suspected
terrorists, captive in our own country, who
must be examined, and strip-searched if
desired, head-to-toe by the TSA in our airports.
Citizens, today, are treated as mindless
idiots. Toothpaste, bunion cream, mouth
wash, perfume, nail clippers, maple syrup
etc - are the potential makings of a
BOMBS. These ingredients might supposedly
be secreted into the airplane bathroom -
mixed - and then hidden in the heels of one's
shoe. NO, it doesn't matter if you're wearing
flip flops, sneakers, or socks. Everything
must be bagged and held up for inspection
by the cretins manning the 'security'
barricades. This is the level of insanity the
lemmings have been forced to comply with.
Even the elderly, in handicap carts, are not
exempt from suspicion. This is the FREEDOM
for whom multitudes through the ages
have died for?
Billions upon billions spent on sophisticated
defense (NORAD) weapons over the years
is not enough. Today citizens are reminded
to be on the ALERT. We are being molded
into a snitch culture.
Meantime, six million+ shipping containers
arrive at American ports yearly, and only
1-2% of them are ever searched. This does
not include the thousands of trucks, now,
thanks to NAFTA, rolling in over our southern
'border.' (What border?) Maybe it's me, or
what's called common sense, but if I were
about some mischief, the last place I'd
go is to an airport.
Even the once laid-back Swiss are having a
problem with increased crime due to Europe
being overrun with illegal immigrants. This
has resulted in a security crisis world
wide. People don't like being dispossessed
from the land of their birth, despite what
the media and politicians proclaim. Meantime,
American citizens are asked to supply ID
in triplicate, and are being watched by
thousands of cameras. If 19 terrorists
could saunter into our country though
airports, then what's to stop armies of
terrorists from simply walking in over
our porous borders?
Cameras are mounted on city streets to
observe the comings and goings
of U.S. citizens.
Security in today's America is targeted towards the
housewife who dares to question the loss of
FREEDOM. No, these men are not searching
trucks, containers, or CORPORATE OR CIA
JETS which are allowed to fly freely wherever
they choose. Those who vote/profit by Big
Brother's Security are exempt from living
its humiliating intrusions. Only the lemmings
need suffer embarrassment and humiliation.
People are hoping that the election of a new
overseer will see things improved. Unfortunately,
we've had just a bit of a problem with Diebold
voting machines these past few years. To date,
no security personnel have been assigned to
keeping our elections honest...all of them are
too occupied searching and watching for
'terrorists' at our airports. Even those with
original copies of the Mayflower Compact,
proving their heritage, are under suspicion.
Meantime, the government crows 'Our
airports are being kept SAFE!'
...for the lemmings.

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