Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Intelligent and Articulate potrait of a WN the media keeps censored.

By Odessa

The media portray those who have pride In the
White race as mindless bigots. Here Is a video
by a White Nationalist that shatters that Image.

The media will always portray this:

Zionists- good for the Jewish race. Even though reality
proves they are a cancer to all of mankind, Including
non-Zionist Jews ! Yet Is Zionism condemned ? No.

Brown Pride - completely fine, Insult Whites as "Gabachos"
and"Gringos" and Blacks as "Negritos" and It's okay ! You
are Brown and had the southwest "Taken" from you. The
Mexicans or Latin Americans who spew this hate In
the name of Brown pride, may not be the whole of the
race. Yet are they condemned ? Is Hispanic Pride
portrayed as evil and racist across the board ? No.

Black power - absolutely acceptable and to be
revered. You were In your mind the only people
to have ever endured the hardships of slavery. You
get to chant "Kill Whitey" ,or call him "Cracka" and
you get a pass. Not all Blacks are full of mindless
hate like this. Not all Blacks may be thinking this In
the name of Black pride, but Is Black pride as
a whole condemned ? No.

White pride - you are portrayed as a racist Nazi
pig who must be put to death ! You are portrayed
as Racist for being proud of your Race and
Culture ??!! Due to the actions of a few knuckleheads
all White's who have pride are condemned as
Nazi's !! Why are White's and White pride only
singled out due to this ? Due to the actions of a
few knuckleheads. And alot of these knuckleheads
turn out to be Zionist Jews playing KKK or Nazi.

Look Into things and form your own opinion. Don't
believe the corporate media, with their ridiculous
portrayals. If we aren't supposed to view all minority
peoples the same,because of a few bad apples. Why
do we only judge Whites as a whole ? Yet not Minorities
as a whole, due to the actions of the few ? How can
Whites be expected to be ashamed of having pride, while
Minorities get to flaunt It ? Does this not encourage the
hate and resentment of the Minority ?

And I don't want to hear the White oppression cop
out, from the Leftist. All people In history have
mistreated another people throughout history. This
Is just not exclusive to the White race. And I don't
want to hear the slavery cop out either, for Africa
still has slavery In some of It's nations present day !

Not all White Nationalist are the same. The ones
portrayed on TV and In Media are the creation
of the Zionist media. The repugnant ones who
act like this In real life are wannabes, who act out
what they see In media. Or Zionist agitators like
Bill White
Wolfgang Hawke - Another horrible Neo Nazi, who
turn out to be Jewish agents seeking to create racial
strife. And make White Pride look bad at the
same time. But the media will never show
the portrait of an Intelligent person proud of
being White.

Please click the link below:

The Masked WN Man Debates The Multi Cult

Please see this other link. These Is what the Zionist corporate
media leads you to believe proud Whites are. More Zionist
agitators playing Nazi attempting to discredit White Pride.

Nazi faker exposed as Israeli Front

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