Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mexican Law and Illegal Immigration


John W. Slagle
October 28, 2007

Recently Mexican President Calderon has been very
outspoken, critical on U.S. Immigration law enforcement
efforts and supports Amnesty for all illegal aliens from
Mexico residing, working in this nation.

Contrary to popular belief, Mexico has very strict
immigration laws which are enforced by every police
agency in the country. The Bureau of Immigration
can call upon any law enforcement officer to assist in
their mission. Citizens from the United States traveling
in Mexico without proper documents, work permits
or non immigrant visas are subject to arrest as illegal aliens.

The laws regarding foreign national visitors, immigrants,
non-citizens are as clear and concise in Mexico as are our
own U.S. laws which are considered unenforceable by
many politicians in Washington, D.C.

* Reglamento de la Ley General de Poblacion (General
Law on Population) in Spanish dated Abril 14 de 2000
Capitulo Quinto --Migracion Seccion 1

Mexico welcomes only foreigners who will be
useful to Mexican society:

Foreigners are admitted into Mexico "according to
their possibilities of contributing to national progress."

Immigration officials must "ensure" that "immigrants
will be useful elements for the country and that they
have the necessary funds for their sustenance" and for
their dependents.

Foreigners may be barred from the country if their
presence upsets "the equilibrium of the national
demographics," when foreigners are deemed detrimental
to "economic or national interests," when they do not
behave like good citizens in their own country, when
they have broken Mexican laws, and when "they
are not found to be physically or mentally healthy."

The Secretary of Governance may "suspend or prohibit
the admission of foreigners when he determines it to be
in the national interest."

Mexican authorities must keep track of every single
person in the country:

Federal, local and municipal police must cooperate
with federal immigration authorities upon request
to assist in the arrests of illegal immigrants.

A National Population Registry keeps track of
"every single individual who comprises the
population of the country," and verifies each
individual's identity.

A national Catalog of Foreigners tracks foreign
tourists and immigrants and assigns each
individual with a unique tracking number.

Foreigners with fake papers, or who enter the country
under false pretenses, may be Imprisoned. Foreigners
with fake immigration papers may be fined or imprisoned.

Foreigners who sign government documents "with a
signature that is false or different is subject to fine
and imprisonment.

Foreigners who fail to obey the rules will be fined,
deported, and/or imprisoned as Felons. Foreigners
who fail to obey a deportation order are to be punished.

Foreigners who are deported from Mexico and attempt
to re-enter the country without authorization can be
imprisoned for up to 10 years.

Foreigners who violate the terms of their visa may be
sentenced to up to six years in prison . Foreigners who
misrepresent the terms of their visa while in Mexico --
such as working with out a permit -- can also be imprisoned.

Under Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony. The
General Law on Population States…

"A penalty of up to two years in prison and
a fine of three hundred to five thousand pesos
will be imposed on the foreigner who enters
the country illegally."

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