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NWO Antichrist's use Gays to assault marriage.

Few Gays Opt To Marry
By Henry Makow PhD

Despite the example set by these Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers, less than one-in-20 gays took advantage of Canada's decision to legalize marriage in June 2005, according to a census a year later.

Gays make up just 0.1% of all married couples, a proportion which is consistent with other countries that permit same-sex marriage.

In other words, the definition of the most
important heterosexual institution was
changed to satisfy one couple in one thousand.

This information is crucial to Americans
where only Massachusetts permits
same-sex marriage but as many as
eleven other states are considering it.

In terms of numbers, Statistics Canada
calculated that about one percent of the
Canadian population ;are gay or
bisexual, well below the estimates we
normally hear. (StasCan Daily "
Community Health Survey" , June 15
2004, p. 9) This works out to 316,900
people. The 2006 census found 7465
married same-sex couples, fewer than
15,000 men and women.

Roughly a quarter of Canadian gays
(75,000) prefer "common law"
relationships. There is no way to
gauge their permanence or exclusivity.

The vast majority of homosexuals don't
want gay marriage. It is being foisted on
them and on society by elite social
engineers using the media, government
and a few activists. The goal is to
undermine heterosexual marriage by
obscuring its true character. The
purpose is to destroy the family and
render society more vulnerable to
world government dictatorship by
the central bankers.


The majority of gays regard same-sex
marriage as a diversion from more
important issues.

This view is expressed by Gareth Kirby
in an editorial in Capital Xtra, an Ottawa
gay newspaper, Oct. 18, 2007.
"Remember the headlines...that claimed
we were flocking to city hall and churches
to get the deed done as courts legalized
same-sex marriage in province after
province? ...It was a lie. Very few among
us are eager to embrace marriage rights...

"Didn't we just spend a decade and by
some estimates $2 million to wage wage
this fight? Didn't we just put all our other
major issues virtually on ice because
some couples, a few lawyers, and a couple
of out-of-touch lobby groups decided
that same-sex marriage was the only
thing that really mattered...

"Marriage is a heterosexual institution
designed by the church, endorse by the
state, with the intention of controlling
the sexuality of women and by extension,
their husbands...

"I don't expect the wedding rate will pick
up. We have something better in our
relationships, something that allows for
a variety of friendships, fuck buddies,
lovers, sisters and ex's. We don 't put
all the pressures on one person...

"We don't need the limitations of marriage. So
we're taking a pass. But what waste of time
and money, and a tragic diversion of
focus, in that decade-long fight."

As Kirby suggests, being gay is about
not marrying and being monogamous. It
is farcical and tragic that heterosexual
society should be sacrificed on the altar
of gay marriage. Marriage-minded gays
should be given a separate status with
equal benefits and responsibilities.


The Canadian media has ignored the tepid gay
response to marriage and tried instead to
create the impression that traditional marriage
is on the rocks. The fact the mass media is
singing from an identical song sheet is
further proof that it is directed by the
central banking cartel.

In an article in The Hill Times (Sept.
24, 2007) Tom Korski writes:

[The media] "depicted gay Canadians
enthusiastically embracing traditional
roles at the exact moment the rest of
society spirals into family dysfunction."

'Thank heavens for gay marriage,' wrote
Globe and Mail columnist Margaret
Went. 'Without it, the most ancient of
our social institutions would be in even
worse decline than it already is.'

Other journalists advised readers "the
nuclear family is fading away," (Edmonton
Sun) and that "same sex couples are
taking the reins" (, or mocked
the myth of the perfect family," (Vancouver
Sun) and lamented "there is no such
thing as traditional family anymore."
(Moose Jaw Times Herald)

In one comically inelegant phrase CTV
National's Lloyd Robertson told viewers,
"If you're part of a so-called traditional
family where the children are raised by
a mother and father who are married, you
seem to be in a declining breed."
(End of Korski)

Meanwhile the gay lobby behind the
legalization of same-sex marriage is
releasing statistics that exaggerate the
number of gay marriages by about
%65. This lobby is called "Egale" and
it is funded by IBM and a number of
other anonymous corporations, as
well as by the federal government.


Today, people who advance in the
fields of government, education,
media and big business generally
belong to a colonial elite. They
represent the London-based
Masonic-Zionist central banking
cartel which is colonizing us all in
a 1984-style "world government." They
are waging psychological war on society
to undermine our ability to resist.

The nuclear family is the basic building
block of society. We derive our identity,
meaning, values and security from
it. Heterosexual marriage is the basis
for raising the new generation to be
productive responsible citizens. It is
based on the exchange of female
power for male love which awakens
the man's protective and constructive
instincts. It is an essential step in our
personal development and fulfillment.

The promotion of gay marriage has nothing
to do with the welfare of homosexuals. As
with feminism,it is designed to increase
sex-role confusion, divorce, and
depopulation. By conflating hetero and
homosexual marriage, straights are
being encouraged to emulate gays,
who generally are not monogamous
and do not have children. This is part
of a wider attack on our gender
identity ( i.e. masculinity and femininity.)

Did we need to legalize gay marriage to
accomodate one couple in one thousand?
No. The central bankers
legalized it to destroy the nuclear family
and change societal norms. By arresting
our personal development, they are
ensuring that humanity remains under
their tutelage, a perpetual under-achiever.
Note: I am indebted to the Nov. Dec 2007
issue of Reality. This publication is sponsored
by the Real Women of Canada
I highly recommend it.
See also my: "Canada Redefines Marriage"
and "Heterosexual Society is Under Siege"
Henry Makow Ph.D. is the author of "Cruel
Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order
" He welcomes your
concise comments at
Henry I'm a Gay man in a twenty three
year monagamous, committed
relationship. Your article on gay
Marriage is a beauty. I found myself
in pretty much full agreement with
what you were saying. We have no
interest in marriage, and never saw
it as an issue. Still don't. We won't
be having kids obviously so for us
marriage would just be a validation
of our relationship. We already have
that every day we are together, we
don't need to advertise it to the
world. The Gay Marriage agenda
has come from somewhere else,
not from people like us. I find it
all a trifle embarrassing really. I
know too many queens who can't
even conduct a grown-up relationship
with their right hand let alone another
person, and we are now seeing way too
many hetero relationships breaking down
around us as well. Too much enforced
culture of selfishness and hedonism
being pushed on all of us, and too much
temptation for transient (ultimately
meaningless) pleasures. And I'm sick
to death of self appointed activists
always telling us what it is we want.
Paul in Australia

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