Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Zionist FeMANist-Gay Agenda Insanity In Europe

Danes Told Anal Sex 'Healthy' For Men
(A Letter from Philip Jones
to Henry Makow)

Your latest article `Homophobic panic Grips Canada `was barely
posted when Ekstra Bladet, a daily `News` Paper here in
Denmark ran an article in Sundays edition entitled 'Anal Sex
is healthy for men'. The author, a Danish `Sexologist` Mr
Robert Lubarski, writes that `men should surrender
themselves to their sexuality, and that it was time that the
social spotlight was shone on the `Male Orgasm`. He continues
that 'Men who allow the accepted male role to dictate their
habits in the bedroom are negatively affecting themselves'
and that some men who have experienced Anal Sex worry
that they might be Homosexual (a fair bet I think). He is
concerned that today's man focus's too much on what he
believes is his expected part to play sexually, instead of
simply enjoying himself.

This self proclaimed Sexual Guru, has his wife to bugger him
with a strap on dildo. He doesn't believe that a man who
allows his girlfriend to sodomise him with said `strap on` is
any less of a man, quite the contrary. He believes that if a
woman is so repulsed by such a request from her `lover`
that she leaves him, then she wasn't worthy of the man's
affections anyway.

In the article, he recommends that all men experience the
joys of Anal Sex, particularly the `receptacle` part in the
`play`. According to Mr Lubarski, the Anus is a very important
part of a mans sexuality, and likens it's sensitivity to a woman's
clitoris. He advises that men `massage` their prostate gland
through the Anus, and suggests that either the owner of the
gland, or his girlfriend/wife might do so.

The `News` paper then smugly states that six months ago,
in a `poll`, 60% of male readers stated they enjoyed anal
stimulation, and 62% of female readers answered that they
enjoyed giving their male partners the afore mentioned

Zany, indeed! Of course, if a woman is `buggering` her man,
thereby taking on the male role, then she effectively becomes
the dominant partner. Don't tell me this `Freakzoid` Lubarski
isn't aware of this fact.

Feminism is the ultra poison of our age. So much
of the evil flows from it, it is one the Illuminati's premier
vehicles for dispersal, and this latest piece of bile, if
adopted/accepted by all those idiot men who can't see
the wood for the trees, will be the final nail in the coffin
of male patriarchy, soundly hammered in.

This article was printed in a Daily, where children and teenagers
would have had easy access to this poison. Danish society along
with most others in Western Europe is so far past the point of
no return now, that for any decent minded person, the situation
is intolerable. How on earth are parents expected to raise their
children to be adults with a sound moral base, in a society which
openly promotes and flaunts perversion and degradation as
being `healthy` practice ?

And you think you have problems over there.

Philip Jones

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