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Communism,Jews And The NWO Agenda

Communism - A Ruse for Illuminati
Jewish Theft & Murder
April 8, 2008
By Henry Makow Ph.D.
In 1869, Jacob Brafmann, a Jewish convert to Christianity published
a book in Russian about the Jewish communal organization, "The
Kahal" which suggests that - unknown to many Jews and non-Jews
--organized Jewry indeed was conspiring against the Gentile
population. Like most books of this kind, it is now unavailable.
Luckily, in Nov. 1881, Mme. Z.A. Ragozin published a thorough
account of it in "The Century Magazine" ( Vol. 23 Issue I) under
the title "Russian Jews and Gentiles (From a Russian Point of View.)"
(This remarkable essay is online.)Ragozin was a scholar of ancient
Near Eastern history who, in the 1880's, published a half dozen
books on the Chaldeans, Persians, Assyrians etc.
Brafmann's book was based on a thousand internal documents of
the Kahal. Its most startling revelation:The Kahal followed the
Talmudic prescription that Gentile property is a "free-for-all" for
Jews who, for a fee, are pre-authorized by the town council ("The
Kahal") to finagle it. Obviously a source of anti-Semitism, it may
also explain the true predatory nature of Communism (and the
New World Order) behind the idealistic-sounding window
dressing. For example, Brafmann, who Jewish historians refer
to "an informer," explains Jew "N" buys the rights to Gentile
"M"'s house. "He has acquired 'khazaka' i.e right of ownership
over the house of gentile "M," in force thereof he is given the
exclusive right , guaranteed from interference or competition
from other Jews, to get possession of the said house...'by any
means whatever.' Until he has finally succeeded in transferring
it to his official possession, he alone is entitled to rent that house
from its present owner, to trade in it, to lend money to the owner
or to other gentiles who may dwell in it-to make profits out of
them in any way [that] his ingenuity may suggest...."The second
part may provide a model of how individuals became subjects of
a Jew. "Sometimes the Kahal sells to a Jew even the person of
some particular Gentile without any immovable property
attached. [This is called 'meropie'.] It is in some places forbidden
for Jews to enter into relations with that person with prejudice to
the first; but in other places it is free to every Jew to...lend him
money, give him bribes, and despoil him, for it is said that the
property of a Gentile is 'hefker. [free to all] and whoever gets
possession of it, to him it shall belong." (p.912)According to
Brafmann, the documents "show as clearly as possible in what
way and by what means the Jews, notwithstanding their limited
rights, have always succeeded in driving alien elements from the
towns and boroughs where they have settled, to get into their
hands the capital and immovable property in those places, and
to get rid of all competition in commerce and trades, as has
been the case in the western provinces of Russia, in Poland,
Galicia, Romania..."Selling alcohol and money lending were
ways to finagle property. The Jewish vodka dealers would
show up at harvest time and sell alcohol to farmers on
credit. Before long the drinking habits of the peasants and
compound interest combined to transfer the property and
future harvests into the vodka dealers hands. (E. Michael
Jones, "Russian Roulette" Culture Wars, May 2006, p. 24.)
Fifty years after "The Kahal" was published, Christian Russian
civilization was brutally destroyed by the Bolshevik Revolution
which was a front for the Illuminati Jewish bankers. The salient
aspects of this revolution, apart from the imposition of a ghastly
and depraved police state, was the confiscation of untold Gentile
wealth and the slaughter of millions of non-Jews mostly by
Jews. This holocaust gets little notice because Illuminati Jews
control the mass media and education system using self-righteous
and highly-paid dupes of the "neo-con," "liberal," "feminist"
"socialist" and "Marxist" stripe to enforce an intellectual
tyranny. The Rothschild front Kuhn Loeb & Co. got a handsome
return of their $20 Million financing of the 1917 revolution. In
1921 Lenin gave them $102 million. ( NYTimes Aug. 23, 1921.)
As well, they may have kept wealth and bank accounts the (Tsar)
Romanov's foolishly entrusted to them. In addition, Illuminati
Jewish bankers took ownership of Russian industry. German
Secret Service documents instructed the Bolsheviks to "destroy
the Russian capitalists as far as you please, but it would by no
means be possible to permit the destruction of Russian
enterprises."The German Imperial Bank sent the Bolsheviks in
excess of 60 million roubles. In this context, A. N. Field cites
Documents 10 and 11 between the bankers and the Bolsheviks:
"They give a complete synopsis of the terms on which the German
banks after the war were to control Russian industry." "The
Truth About the Slump" (1931) by A.N. Field. (pp.62-72)
Lenin and Trotsky created the infamous secret service "Cheka"
(later renamed OGPU, then NKVD and finally KGB) to steal
property and crush resistance. "The first Cheka units set up in
every city or town were engaged first and foremost in the
extermination of Tsarist bureaucrats, gendarmes and high
ranking officers, the families of White Guards and all citizens
whose property was valued at 10,000 roubles or more. There
were thousands of scientists and engineers who were killed as
"exploiters" and about half the country's doctors were either
killed or forced to emigrate. People were murdered at home, in
the streets, and in the cellars of Cheka headquarters irrespective
of their age." (Slava Katamidze, "Loyal Comrades, Ruthless
Killers -The Secret Services of the USSR 1917-1991" p. 14)
Thousands of Christian priests and monks were sent to the
Gulag and slaughtered. "The Church became the target of
Bolshevik hostility from the very beginning. Resistance to the
confiscation of church properties, especially silver and gold
items, was especially fierce...Now priests called on their parishes
to resist confiscation, accusing the authorities of pocketing most
of the proceeds." (Katamidze, p. 25) It is estimated that the Cheka
was responsible for at least 20 million deaths, according to courageous
Jewish writer Steve Plocker who says the Cheka was led and staffed
mainly by Jews. The Cheka was empowered by Lenin and
Trotsky, who were Illuminati Jews and financed by Illuminati
Jewish bankers."Many Jews sold their soul to the devil of the
Communist revolution and have blood on their hands for eternity,"
Plocker writes. "We mustn't forget that some of the greatest
murderers of modern times were Jews."
In "Russian Jews and Gentiles," Mme Rogozin writes:"There
have of old been Jews of two descriptions, so different as to be
like two different races. There were Jews who saw God and
proclaimed His law, and those who worshipped the golden calf
and yearned for the flesh-pots of Egypt; there were Jews who
followed Jesus and those who crucified Him..." (909) Not to
excuse the murderers, many rank-and-file Jewish and
non-Jewish Communists truly were duped into thinking
Communism represented poor workers, the sharing of wealth
and social justice. Much like today, Illuminati Jews had
brainwashed the flock. However, other Jews did see through
the deception and heroically fought against Communism. The
Illuminati puppetmasters work arms-length in order to maintain
the illusion that history is unfolding in a random fashion. Thus at
various times, Stalin did rebel against his handlers and did
persecute their Jewish agents. Many believe Stalin was ultimately
murdered when he attempted a final crack down.There are
definitely Jews who are part of the Illuminati and those who
are not. Of course the former routinely prey on the latter.
Bob Chapman recently described how this played out in the sale
of Jewish investment banker Bear Stearns."Note how Lehman
Brothers has been able to raise $4 billion in capital and to take
advantage of the Term Securities Auction Facility and the Primary
Dealers Credit Facility initiated by the Fed to keep it from going
under. Bear was never given these opportunities even though
financially it was much stronger than Lehman Brothers. Why,
we ask, was there a run on Bear Stearns assets but not on those
of the much weaker Lehman Brothers? We'll tell you why. Bear,
as a non-insider thorn in the Illuminist side, was forced out and
cannibalized by its peers before it had a chance to recover. This
is how insiders are allowed to survive and non-insiders are raped
and wiped out or merged."The mirror reverse image of the "Red
Terror" was the Nazi persecution of the Jews and confiscation of
select Jewish property in the 1930's. I suspect the Illuminati
Jewish bankers were responsible for the rise of the Nazis and
benefited by expropriating the wealth of their Jewish
competitors. The big German bankers were very involved in
the "Aryanization" of Jewish property.
Since the English Revolution, history reflects the gradual process
by which mainly Jewish finance and its satanic Gentile allies have
used Freemasonry, "revolution" and war to overthrow Christian
civilization and replace it with their economic, social, political and
cultural hegemony, i.e. "The New World Order."I doubt if
Illuminati Jewish bankers have a monopoly on avarice but they
certainly have been its best exponents. (Haven't they converted
most of us?) I suspect the Talmudic spirit ( a Chosen People
monopolize wealth at the expense of the vast majority who are
considered animals) inspired imperialism and still motivates the
Illuminati today.As I have said, the Illuminati Jewish bankers
use Jews as pawns and agents. Their partners are Satanists from
all ethnic backgrounds who also subvert and betray their own
people. Their plan is to disinherit and domesticate ("educate,"
social engineer, brainwash) the human race to their
purpose. They are behind 9-11, the "War on Terror" and
the Iraq War. They are behind hate-laws, feminism,
multiculturalism, and diversity --all this is mind control & social
engineering. (Ever hear multiculturalism foisted on Israel or
China?) A cancer is destroying Western civilization. That cancer
is the Illuminati Jewish central bankers who control our
economic, political, cultural and spiritual institutions. In other
words, our "leadership" represents an occult imperial power at
war with us; and we can't even recognize it because our
institutions have been subverted.America today can be
compared to Russia before the Revolution. According to W.
Schulgin, "the brain of the nation was in [Illuminati] Jewish
hands. and it became business as usual to think in Jewish
categories....In spite of all the restrictions, the Jews controlled
the mind of the Russian people." (Jones, Culture Wars, p. 42) Of
course, the Illuminati control the Jewish mind.A real Jew (and
Christian and Muslim) stands for God and a universal Moral
Order. Thus, world government can never be "good for the
Jews" no matter what elite status they enjoy. Secular humanism
cannot replace God. It is a foil for a demented satanic agenda and
for more of the bestiality that characterizes the past. Individual
Jews will have to decide which kind of Jew they are.

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