Thursday, April 10, 2008

How The U.S. Army Has Become A Paper Tiger

by Alan StangApril 10, 2008

Women have been torn from their place. (What? Did he really
say that? Yes, he did.) They have been torn from their place by
the conspiracy for world government, which has recruited as many
as can be duped into serving as lethal weapons to destroy our
Constitution and civilization. In a later piece in this series, we
shall look at their place – yes, they have one – but for now let’s
look at a few examples of that destruction.

It is destruction as total as WW II carpet bombing and ranges
across our culture from things as disparate as pronouns and the
military. Pronouns? “A man is what he eats.” Yes, a cliché, but a
grammatically correct cliché. Nothing remarkable. Except that
the sentence I quoted is politically incorrect. It should read, “A
person is what they eat.” Now it is politically correct, but
grammatically wrong. Now you have a plural pronoun (“they”)
and a singular antecedent (person”).

So fanatic is the nation’s Gendapo (remember, you read it first
here) that it is messing up our language. You see such pronoun
problems everywhere these days, even in publications that lay
claim to profundity. Sometimes, in mind’s eye, you can almost
see the authors of such grammatical atrocities twisting themselves
into pretzels trying to make them “correct.” The Gendapo will
do anything to suppress the difference between male and female.

Well, why is it so important? If you are as ancient a geezer as I
am, remember the lady who taught you English grammar in
school. At the time, you may have thought she had been sent by
Hitler or the Devil. What did she say? She said that precision in
language (grammar) reflects precision in thought.

Conversely, imprecision in language reflects confusion. And, sure
enough, today pronoun problems often make it hard to determine
what a politically correct writer or speaker is talking about. Yes, it
is a small point. But remember that lack of a nail meant the loss of
a kingdom.

Remember also that in Kaleeforneeya the words “mother” and
“father” now are apparently verboten in the communist government
schools, which may mean that grammatical combat has expanded
to include certain nouns. This should be a warning to other states
whose governors started their careers posing nude for sodomite

From war on our pronouns to war on our military, the destruction
proceeds, and women are a big reason our military is gone. What?
Our military gone? Aren’t you exaggerating? Yes, I am, but only by
a little. There are still some warriors in the uniforms of our
military. But I contend there are not enough of them to keep the
military alive. It’s gone – even my beloved Marine Corps is gone –
and women are one of the biggest reasons.
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