Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Poison Of FeMANism And It's Penis Envy

Still pissed that they didn't get a prom date. But who really wants a
"Girl' who acts Manly ? They are still angry after all these years,
So they decided to go Into the carpet cleaning business.
A FeMANist Dyke approved shirt design. When
a FeMANist gets harmed for wearing this In the wrong
environment, so be it. Wearing something so
Inciteful Is deserving of such.

Feminist Public School System is a Toxic Environment
By Henry Makow Ph.D. March 4, 2008

By Brian Simpson (pseudonym)

I've been a supply teacher for 20
years in every subject area, K-12 in over 200 schools and in over
1000 classrooms in a large Canadian city. I can report that the
education system has been taken over by feminists and lesbians
who preach a daily diet of hate, violence and discrimination against
males despite pretenses of “tolerance” “non violence” and
“inclusiveness.”It's moderately common to find girls wearing
anti-male, hate clothing. Slogans on T-Shirts include: “Stupid
Factory:Where Boys are Made;” “BOYS ARE STUPID, THROW
ROCKS AT THEM!” and (prefixed by the profile view of a handgun)
“He had it comin'” Others include “WHO NEEDS BOYS WHEN
Anxiety MENtal Breakdown MENstrual Cramps MENopause
Did you ever notice how all our problems begin with MEN.”Can
you imagine if these comments were addressed at girls?I've been
in staff rooms where I have read pamphlets issued by the Canadian
Federation of Teachers about Afghanistan. Exclusive concern was
shown for women, girls and female babies and none for males
despite the fact that boys had the double-whammy-plus of being
forced to carry a gun, kill and be killed, traumatize and be
traumatized, starting as early as eight-years-of-age. They had
been denied schooling and been traumatized for life. The girls
only had been denied schooling.I've been in classrooms where
videos were shown blaming all date violence on males. No
sexual violence female-to-male was mentioned and women
were referred to as "men's property." Once the video had been
shown, the girls overflowed with anti-male hate statements
and the boys were afraid to speak on any matter. I told
students that the video's depiction was false but they insisted
that the video depiction was the absolute truth. Such
indoctrination is the norm in schools. In the context of the
omni-present, "Women's History Month" posters in the
school, I have been in homerooms in which the boys are so
abused by their feminist teachers that they cannot even
whimper, even after serial attempts to get them to say
anything at all. In one classroom in which Grade-12 students
were nearing their graduation, I had a boy cry about the
climate of ever-climaxing anti-male hate.

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