Saturday, April 12, 2008

More Anti-Christ Extremism

Hackers attack Christians, promise
'Because of threat to our staff, we're
working off-site pending investigation'

Posted: April 11, 2008
11:30 pm Eastern

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Staff members for a prominent pro-family organization that has
been key to the battle against California's mandated
indoctrination programs for public schools
are working off-site while an investigation is conducted into threats
that someone would arrive at the office and "punish" them, officials
confirmed today.

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Tolerance, It's only for some people It appears, those who are
part of the Bolshevik PC cabal. Christians are deemed "Politically
Incorrect" ( Muslims too) and like all who are branded as
such, It's open season. It's become high time to be just as
rude and obnoxious to the PC crowd, It's time to give them a
taste of their own medicine. I am sick of these vile rats portraying
themselves as enlightened, while they are really demented
control freaks, that despise and persecute those who refuse to
be forced Into their demented PC world view. I am sick of a
vocal minority threatening the sane majority. Time to show
them the same"hospitality" and "civil "behavior that they display.

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