Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Unbrainwash Yourselves From The Madness

by Alan Stang
April 3, 2008

Again and again in these columns I have respectfully reminded
you that the main reason this country is now on its knees is the
communist government schools. We could not have arrived at
the end of the plank had not those schools cooked our brains
from the beginning. The communist media left and right – from
the Communist Broadcasting System and the Communist News
Network to Loopy Laura and Limbag – would not be enough. It
could not have been done without the communist schools.

That is why the schools want ever younger victims. Consider that
the most important time you hear about something is the first
time, because the first time you have nothing to compare it to. You
can’t criticize it; you can’t evaluate it. So what you hear the first
time sinks into your mind and becomes the matrix, the mold. It
becomes “true.” From then on, everything you hear about that
particular subject is filtered through that matrix and you have
no way of knowing if that matrix is faulty.

From then on, you will reject the truth because it will sound
alien compared to what you “know.” So it all depends on who
gets there first. If I am 40, or 50 or whatever years old, and you
tell me something I don’t know, I compare it to what I do. If I
am five years old, I believe whatever the nice lady my parents
park me with says. If the only thing I hear for the next thirteen
years is what she says – if I never hear anything else – I regard
anything contradictory as crazy.

Thus, if I have heard for thirteen years, or seventeen years if I
go to college, that the white man is responsible for every problem
from asthma to xenophobia, and that anyone who says anything
else is a “racist,” I tend to believe it when you show up and say
that. If the only thing I’ve ever heard is that Lincoln was sent by
God to save the Union and free the slaves, I consider you a nut
when you say Lincoln was our first Communist President, that
he destroyed the Union and that he wanted to send the nation’s
blacks back to Africa.

The same thing applies to any assertion that the federal government
is not here to help you, that the Fed arranged the Great Depression,
that FDR arranged Pearl Harbor, that federal welfare destroyed
the black family, that Washington colluded in Nine Eleven, and
on and on. Of course, these things are intangibles. You can’t see
the Great Depression; you must dig out the real history to see
what really happened.

The real brainwashing hits when you are told that the truth is
different from what you see every day, e.g., when you are told
that men and women are the “same” (except that women should
run things) and that sodomite buggery is “normal.” The purpose
of the Communist media is to reinforce what you have been told,
in case, despite these elaborate precautions, you accidentally
blunder into the truth.

The Germans call what we are talking about the “zeitgeist,” the
“spirit of the time,” but that doesn’t quite do the trick. For want
of something better, I have elected to call it the Abasement
Matrix. We don’t know it is there, but everything we
experience – everything we do – is filtered through it, and it
is the reason we are losing. It answers the question of how the
conspiracy for world government gets away with such
outrages, every one more egregious. The reason is we allow it;
we allow it and applaud it.

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