Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Never Ending Shriek Of Anti-Semitism

Resort Pushes Guests Out
A fancy French ski resort sends a letter to sixty couples who
booked vacations saying they prefer the guests book
elsewhere. An Israeli group would like the resort to

Jews want the resort to themselves.

Go To Another Ski Resort
Club Med sent out a letter to its guests: “‘Dear patrons,’ the
letter read, ‘We would like to announce that between December
16 and December 23 we have the privilege to host in our
Menuires ski resort in France an important group of Israeli
citizens. Because your vacation is personal, you are able to
choose an alternative ski resort at no extra charge.’….In the
letter, the company offered their patrons a list of seven ski
resorts for those who do not wish to share spend their vacation
with skiers from Israel,.

Non-Jew guests are basically told to take a hike !

Jewish Groups Shout Anti-Semitism
Club Med told it's guests it would rebook them at the
Tigres, Serre-Chevalier, Cervinia, Peisey-Vallandry,
Chamonix, and Meribal Aspen Park. The letter, which
reached the hands of CICAD, a Jewish organization in
Geneva who fights anti-Semitism and discrimination, angered
them and prompted their quick appeal to the company to
get a clarification. Sources within the Jewish community in
Switzerland said that the letter smells of anti-Semitism.”

Anti-Semitism !? How ? Jews wanted the resort for themselves.

The Jews Themselves Are Behind It
They scream anti-Semitism, but they are the ones pushing
the gentiles out. Ze’ev Dahan, CEO of Club Med Israel, as saying
“This is a service we provide so there will be no misunderstandings
that there are only Israelis at the resort," and the vacationer,
whose son doesn’t speak any Hebrew, wouldn’t understand anything.

As usual the arrogant Jews true face shows.

The Employees Aren't Thrilled
This group is arrogant, degrading, and the men are always hitting
on you. They rub up against you in the elevators. The wives are
obnoxious, and the kids are scary.


Please also see another act of "tolerance" from the people
(Jews) who shriek of Anti-Semitism constantly -

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