Tuesday, April 8, 2008

America The Ruined Nation


By Greg Evensen
April 6, 2008

The answers to the following questions are among the most
important ones ever sought. If they had been asked, and
honest, accurate, answers offered, the American people
would have held the potential solutions to this nation’s most
crushing problems within their minds and also within their
grasp. Because they were not asked, or asked by only a tiny
number of caring, astute, educated, constitutionally literate
citizens, most of us have fiddled while Washington burned. It
is so late in the day, I do not believe that if we moved right now
with every resource at our disposal, this nation can be saved
from the ultimate ride into the septic tank of history, due to
the flushing action of the economic markets, banks, big oil and
of course, the Federal Reserve System (an extension of the
Rothschild European banking conspiracy).

Understand that the banks have already made their big
money, have always made money--even during the “depression.”
They will emerge from the next great financial crises—somewhat
bruised, but always ahead of the game. They will destroy
economies, whole nations, indeed perhaps civilization, but they
will emerge like maggots from dead carrion, bloated from their
“meals” of your savings, your retirement systems, your former
investments and your life’s work. These vultures are circling
over America at this moment and could care less what happens
to the crumbling domino effect created by their insatiable, indeed
evil greed for money. They can not EVER be trusted to pursue the
morally upright path with the people’s or the nation’s
treasure. Since a cabal of paid off, corrupted and treasonous
Congressional representatives voted late in the night of December
23, 1913, to surrender the nation’s banking responsibility--
congressionally given to the United States Department of the
Treasury—the PEOPLE”S treasury, to a PRIVATE banking
group--the Federal Reserve System--this nation, from that
moment to this very moment, has been running toward a date
in its destiny that would see the end of free government and
real liberty unlike any the world has ever known.

We are witnessing the end of a nation, it’s magnificent history
forgotten, it’s potential for world leadership absolutely ruined
by lying presidents, a prostituted military general staff overseeing
the killing of its fighting core, bought and paid for legislators in
the service of the banks, and a court system caught somewhere
between military rule and the elusive but deadly concoction of
“maritime” law and suspended constitutional government. The
still in effect state of emergency used since March 9, 1933, including
the bankruptcy of the US, and its “dissolution” of the government
is the result. That is why judges rule without regard to the
constitutionality of the issue before the court. That is why judges
have assumed the power they have without the authority or
constitutional right to do so. That is why judges everywhere
ignore legal rights, deprive the accused of informed jury rulings,
and dismiss tax cases at will. THE CONSTITUTION OF THE
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