Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another Example Of The Joke American "Education" Has Become

A common prostitute, they love $$$ and nothing else.

Virginia college students travel to Nevada to Interview
whores. This Is
what passes as "higher learning" In
todays America. I'm sure If they gave the two bit whores
a couple of hundred, they told them anything they
wanted to hear. And of all people to Interview, A
prostitute doesn't exactly work a job that requires
any brainpower.

What a "liberated" whore had to say

Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Alexis: "Most women in this business wear the
pants in the family."

Wow ! Because of the FeMANist movement you
are now liberated to be a piece of meat.

And Americans say Muslim society demeans It's
Women. Who the hell that's sane calls being a
whore as empowering ? Who wants their
Wife or Daughter or Sister doing this ?

But that which Is degrading Is now seen as
virtue In the sick Western World. Let's
see how Ms. Alexis end up In 20. No more
looks, never had brains, never had any
real skills, flat broke.

How "empowering".

But to FeMANists, denying Women the
"right" to prostitute Is Patriarch "oppression".

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