Friday, April 11, 2008

Another Product Of The Marxist Assault On The Traditional Family - Dysfunctional Teenage Parents

Fight over baby's 'future' splits couple'My
gang, your gang. Boy that is a major decision'

Posted: April 10, 2008
11:55 pm Eastern
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Police in a Denver suburb have arrested a man after a disturbance
that developed because he and the mother of his child could not
agree on which gang colors the baby would wear.

According to a report in the Rocky Mountain News, the man in
the Commerce City case, identified as 19-year-old Joseph
Manzanares, was arrested after he allegedly created a disturbance
over the weekend at a Hollywood Video where his former
girlfriend, whose name was not revealed, worked.

He was harassing his former girlfriend and knocked over a
computer and a magazine stand and yelled obscenities, police
said witnesses reported.

The suspect left the store before officers arrived but was arrested
later at his home, police said.

"When officers questioned the woman, they learned that the two
had been together for four years and were the parents of a child," the
newspaper said. "When police asked the woman why the two had
separated, she said they have 'different ideas about how the baby
should be raised.'"

Officer Daniel Swift asked her to explain."They could not agree on
which gang the baby would claim," Swift reported.

Manzanares was jailed, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct
and was assessed $810 in Adams County court processing
and probation fees.

"My gang, your gang. Boy that is a major decision," wrote
"just_readin" on the newspaper's forum page. "Guess that is
the second question after what dope are we going to push today."

"How about taking the child away from both the parents. How can
either of them be fit parents if they are in gangs. Lets (sic) face it
gangs are not selling cookies and having tea parties," added

"Good to see that they have their priorities straight, Si se puede!
" added "gr8fuldude." "In the information age and the news-saturation
that accompanies it, there are few pieces of news that still generate
shock through the incomprehensible stupidity of the parties
involved. This is one of them," said "DeimosJB. " Everyone involved
deserves a gold star, except the child, who deserves a safe
upbringing and hope for the future."

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