Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why Are Americans So Uninformed ?

Americans think that the compromised news
media tells nothing but the truth. Nothing could
be further from the truth, these people are
lying sensationalist morons. They have an
agenda to disinform and distract Americans
from the real Issues of the day. They salivate
for news that is dealing with -celebrities,
husbands murdering wifes, pedophiles, mass
murderers- especially with "assault" rifles,
that portrays all Whites as Racist ,that Portrays
Arabs as terrorists, that glorifies the Illegal
alien movement ,that justifies the Iraq war and
the war (of) terror,that Is against Christianity, that
Is pro gay marriage , etc.

You are being lied to ! Everything
you know and see, Is prefabricated
propaganda and reality !

But most are unaware ! As the false reality
of the Idiot box gives them comfort
and the Illusion that all Is well.

The Zionist media monkeys lie and disinform
the people. The news
media Is a joke ! Most of the
time they sit there and speculate the news,

rather than report It. That Is why most of the
time their facts are wrong, but
then again
news Is now another form of entertainment.

These rejects and their TV show get more
coverage than the American
candidates. And more Americans vote
for the contestants on this
Idiotic show, than
for the President of the United States !

The Zionist government has enough money
to wage war, and sacrifice a generation
of young soldiers.

But no money to maintain our domestic Infrastructure !

America Is In Chaos ! Illegals come In and
defy Immigration law at will. Demanding
arrogantly that Americans change for them.

And they're full of Racial animosity !

American "popular culture" promotes the
degenerate Black "ghetto"
lifestyle. And no
Black America, It's not White Christian media
promoting this. Study
and see who owns
the media conglamorates. Zionist Jew Leftists !

Black thugs - Idols for millions of American
youth ! The role
models of Self-Hating White
youths, and Black youths who have
no respect
for their people.

Our once glorious cities now look like something
out of a Mad Max movie.

Historic buildings are abandoned and trashed, In
the third world ghettos that
our major cities have become.

The ruins of Detroit

The ruins of New York

Don't worry, The politicians promise
"Change". Same thing as four

years ago, and four years before
that, and four years before that.

As long as Americans sit idle, It will
get a lot worse, before It gets any better.

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