Friday, January 25, 2008

Leftist Thinking On Racism- Only "Whitey" Is Racist !

Racism Is A One- Way Street

Robert Reece, Daily Mississipian
(Univ. of Miss. student paper), January 23, 2008

* Obviously this University Indoctrinated Mr. Reece
to think this way ! Marxist Universities are
renowned for preaching hatred against Whites.

He must've got an A+ for this Anti-White trash
from his Leftist professors. But any sane person
can see this as more Leftist hypocrisy.

Reverse racism is a term that usually means
discrimination against the majority or those
in power based on their race.

For example, some claim that affirmative
action is reverse racism, as it gives blacks
and other minorities an unfair advantage, but
I don’t believe those claims can ever be
considered valid.

For example, if there are two groups of
students, one all black and the other all
white, sitting at separate tables in the
Student Union discussing how much they hate
the other race, would both tables be guilty
of the same degree of racism?

The answer is a resounding no.

If blacks and whites had identical historical
backgrounds, all would be considered bigots.

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