Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The American "Election" Report

"To cut the root of tyranny in this country, fraudulent
elections in this country must by Boycotted while
demanding 100% Secure Elections. The current
voting sham has nothing to do with issues, caring,
or trying to reform tyranny. To vote in today's
elections is nothing more than buying a lottery
ticket in a fixed lottery."

Voting? Do You Buy Lottery Tix For A Fixed Lottery?

"It is both shocking and depressing to think that
there is still large numbers of average citizens who
still naively think that one of the political charletons
now running for President will be elected by votes
cast by average citizens like themselves. How this
mindset can still prevail after years of political
corruption, secret backroom deals, voter fraud,
assassinations, the outright in your face theft of
the last two Presidential elections, and the
election of a rubber stamp Congress, is
unbelievable. To think that this latest election
will somehow be different, that the politicians
will finally listen to the voice of the people
this time around is ludicrous to say the least."

Why Do People Still Waste Time On National Elections?

Let's see. They were wrong on Hillary Clinton, essentially
nominating her for the presidency months before a primary
was held. In Iowa, they were wrong on Mike Huckabee
and Barack Obama, John Edwards and Clinton (again). In
New Hampshire, wrong on Obama, Clinton (yet again),
and -- at least earlier in the campaign season -- John
McCain. In Michigan, wrong on McCain (again) and
Mitt Romney. Just remind me, in this strange
presidential nomination season in which each
obscure primary is treated as if it were the night
of the presidential election, when have they been right?

The Mindless Media And The 2008 Election

* I do not agree with not voting at all. If somebody
doesn't show up to vote, they cannot Bitch. You
only have the right to Bitch when they steal
your vote. If you do not vote, they steal
nothing from you. As you elected not to
be heard. If you do not like the
candidates, still go and vote. Vote for
a write In candidate. Because one day
they may use low turnouts , as an excuse
to suspend the election process.


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