Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Effects Of Agent Orange

What authority does the corrupt Zionist U.S.
government have to condemn WMD's, when they
freely use them In warfare.

Badly deformed Vietnamese men.

A Vietnamese woman who was horribly
deformed due to Agent Orange.

It doesn't just affect the people of
Vietnam, the
U.S. Gov't poisoned even It's
own soldiers. The child of a U.S. soldier
who was exposed to Agent
In the jungles of Vietnam.

A child that Is deformed from Agent Orange
and It's
damage to the parents DNA.

During the war in Vietnam more than 18 million gallons
of dioxin-laden Agent Orange and other herbicides were
sprayed over ten per cent of South Vietnam between
1961 and 1971, poisoning and defoliating millions of
hectares of forest and croplands. In neighbouring Laos
about half-a-million gallons of herbicide were sprayed
over 80,000 hectares.


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