Sunday, January 20, 2008

It Seems Even Zionist Jews Are Seeing The Reality Of Black Racism !

By Odessa

Even the Zionist JTF talks about this ! It seems the Jews
are starting to realize that Blacks, do not care If you
are Jewish or not. Only If your skin Is White !

It Is Ironic, especially since the Zionist played such
a prominent role In the "Civil Rights" cause. A cause
they used to further the Jewish group agenda.Blacks
were just pawns used by the Jews. But I guess
the Blacks are getting too out of control for them ! They
are the ones who taught Blacks to despise Whites, and
now the chickens are coming home to roost !

It Is the Zionists like Abe Foxman and the Zionist media
that also entitle the Black thugs. They are the ones who
give them sacred cow status. The Zionist ADL Is the one
fighting for "Hate Crime"and "Hate Speech" protections
for the Black race.Which basically seeks to shield them
from criticism. Especially If your skin Is White, the
ADL seeks to classify that as a "Hate Crime" or "Hate
Speech". It excuses Anti-White behavior, and Zionists
cannot have It both ways !

Please click the pictures for the links:

When whites go to school with blacks

"Ken and Lisa Brown relocated their family from a small
Oklahoma town to Brooklyn, New York because they
wanted their children to experience "racial
diversity." What their two young sons experienced
was vicious black racism, jealousy and violence."

What happens when whites
fight for blacks

"In 1960, self-hating white college students joined with
students in forming the Student Non-Violent
Committee (SNCC), which eventually played
a major role
in the Communist "civil rights" movement
that radically
changed America."

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