Friday, January 25, 2008

Anti-Gun Contradictions


January 18th 2008

Not Argument, Just Contradiction

Why is it that the victim disarmament industry -- which cares
so little for human life that they'd rather see a women raped
in an alley and strangled with her own pantyhose than see
her with a gun in her hand -- only pretends to care about
what happens to individual police officers when pretending
to care can do the most damage to the Bill of Rights?

That's what's going on over at the Brady Campaign because
the only way they can think of to use recent mass shootings
to their vulturous political advantage -- it having been
established in the public consciousness by now that these
things happen not because there are too many guns
around, but because there are too few -- was to moan
and whimper that bullets commonly fired from
"sport-utility rifles" can actually go through the flexible
body armor most commonly worn by the cops.

Columnist and author L. Neil Smith, on the other hand
understands why the Founding Fathers wrote the
Second Amendment -- they wanted government
controlled, not guns -- and tries gently to explain it
to the willful misunderstanders in the Brady
compound. You can try, too, using his arguments
in "The Kevlar Klass" which you'll find waiting
for you at along with many
other nifty things to read.

And do!

Only at JPFO!

- The Liberty Crew

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