Friday, January 25, 2008

The Reason For America's Current State ?

*This Is an explanation why some
American children are more
than their parents, and why some
never grow up !

Originally published Monday, August 07, 2006


What If There Are No Adults?

"The Baby Boomers fought adulthood every step of the way." In
other words, Mathewes-Green points to the parents of this
current generation of young adults as the locus of the
problem. Speaking of her own generation, she remembers: "We
turned blue jeans and T-shirts into the generational uniform. We
stopped remembering the names of world political leaders and
started remembering the names of movie stars' ex-boyfriends. We
stopped participating in fraternal service organizations and
started playing video games. We Boomers identified so strongly
with being 'the younger generation' that now, paunchy and
gray, we're bewildered. We have no idea how to be the older
generation. We'll just have to go on being a cranky, creaky
appendix to the younger one."

Mathewes-Green's analysis pushes back even further than the
baby boomers. She blames the parents of the baby boomers
for trying to protect that generation from the realities of a
cruel world and a hard life. Having fought and survived the
great trial of World War II, they wanted to protect their own
young children. "They wanted their little ones never to
experience the things they had," Mathewes-Green explains,
"never to see such awful sights. Above all, they wanted to
protect their children's innocence."

In her historical analysis, the parents of the baby boomers

attempted to separate childhood and adulthood into two
completely separate compartments of life. Childhood would
be marked by innocence and adulthood by responsibility. As
Mathewes-Green warns: "Be careful what you wish
for." Missing from this picture is a period of urgent transition
that would turn the child into an adult. What we face now is
a generation of children in the bodies of adults.

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