Sunday, January 20, 2008

The NWO American Election Dog And Pony Show

Brzezinski Clan Color Revolution
Vs Diebold Vote Fraud In New Hampshire
By Webster G. Tarpley


"The Bush operation in Iowa had all the smell of

a CIA covert operation." --William Loeb,
Manchester Union Leader, February 24, 1980.

The New Hampshire Democratic primary was no
exercise in grass roots retail politics, but rather a
clash between two cynical covert operations run
by contending factions of intelligence community
professionals. On the one side was an attempt to
replicate here in the United States on behalf of
Obama the sort of "color revolution" or "CIA people
power coup" which the National Endowment for
Democracy and the Brzezinski intelligence faction
have carried out in such countries as Serbia, Georgia,
and Ukraine. On the other hand, an opposed
intelligence faction was able to win the day by a
more traditional type of Diebold voting machine
pattern fraud in favor of Mrs. Clinton. The people
power coup in particular was designed to abort the
entire Democratic primary season, prevent further
radicalization of the Democratic base on economic
issues, and submerge the issues raised by John
Edwards, the wild card in this race and the Democratic
candidate Wall Street organized money hates for his
introduction of the rhetoric of economic populism
into the campaigns of both parties.

Mrs. Clinton came into New Hampshire as the
candidate of the machine bosses of what remains
of the Democratic Party, the Shaheen machine of
New Hampshire, of much of the trade union
bureaucracy, of Washington lobbyists, and of
large sectors of Wall Street. Barack Obama came in
as the candidate of the Brzezinski-Soros machine,
overwhelmingly focused on the need to assert
Anglo-American world domination over Russia
and smash the Shanghai Cooperation Organization
during the next presidential term. Obama's appeal
was primarily to independents, many of them
well-heeled elitists and good government types
of the chablis and brie set. Edwards represented a
new variable, with significant trade union backing
and a broad potential appeal to the traditional
"Joe Sixpack" blue collar Democratic base.

The outstanding lesson of the Iowa caucuses had
been the ascendancy of anti-Wall Street economic
populism, a theme pioneered by Edwards. This had
been shown by Obama's tendency to appropriate as
his own the basic themes of the Edwards campaign:
poverty, the Two Americas of rich and poor, the
horrors faced by 50 million people who lack medical
insurance, and the criminal practices of insurance
companies and pharmaceutical firms. This approach
had been successfully copied on the Republican side
by the clever evangelical demagogue Mike Huckabee,
who had used it to defeat the most plutocratic
Republican, the stockjobber and asset-stripper
Mitt Romney, a man who wanted to conquer Iowa
with his all-powerful checkbook. Many reactionary
commentators, including the Wall Street Journal
and George Will, had savagely attacked Huckabee
and Edwards for their verbal attacks on the
finance oligarchs.

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