Thursday, April 24, 2008

Third World Los Angeles

Look who's coming to town ! This Is what the Illegals
supporters call undocumented workers.

Your typical Los Angeles street

Americans are fed up and sick of being Ignored by
the government and
the media ! Americans
want action on Illegals, who are turning America
Into a third world nation.

Los Angeles 'is a Third World city'

Los Angeles is becoming a "Third World city" with
immigrants making up half its workforce, says a new study.

A third of immigrants have not graduated from high school
and 60 per cent do not speak English fluently, the Migration
Policy Institute found.

It said this left immigrants ill-equipped to fill California's
fastest-growing occupations, such as computer software
engineering and nursing. The organisation added that as the
so-called baby boomers reach retirement age, a similar
pattern will spread across the US.

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