Tuesday, April 22, 2008

May 1st Illegal Alien Marches Are Coming To Town Again

May 1st Is of significant Importance to the Marxists. Here
Is a May Day gathering of Communists In Russia.
The organizers of the annual Illegal Alien May
Day are Marxists.

Mexican Illegals are set to march as usual this
May. They will be making
more arrogant
demands, and ethnically Insulting Americans
as usual.

Illegals marching with a picture of their Marxist
Icon Che Gueverra.

Here Is a Marxist agitator at work.
They are pawns of the Globalist agenda.
One of their useful Idiots ready to start
vandalizing businesses.

Illegals and their useful Idiot supporters
are known to get riotous.

Business owners are nervous !

They want Whites out ! Illegals have already started
to push Black Americans out
of their neighborhoods In
Compton, Watts and elsewhere In California. They want
to ethnically
cleanse the Southwestern American States.

All this while American politicians do nothing. All
this while the media condemns any patriotic opposition to
this as racist. Even though the Illegal advocates have
openly avowed their hatred of non-Mexicans , the ADL and
SPLC do not condemn organizations such as La Raza and
MEChA as hate groups. Even though they openly spew their
Aztlan Mexican supremacy rhetoric. They are fighting to
establish a Mexican republic del norte In the
Southwestern States of America. They believe this Is
Aztlan and they do not want non-Mexicans there.

Yet patriotic Americans from across the racial
spectrum , are vilified as Anti-"Immigrant" by the
ADL and SPLC , for resisting the Illegals
reconquista plans.

Resisting the takeover of your nation by Illegals Is
not Anti-Immigrant. That Is a propaganda technique used
by the Marxist ADL and SPLC. They want the naive to
believe resistance to the Illegals Invasion Is Racism,
this Is a name calling technique to sway opinion . An
Immigrant Is somebody who enters LEGALLY, not
somebody who breaks the law to enter ILLEGALLY.
Somebody who enters ILLEGALLY Is not an
undocumented Immigrant or undocumented
worker, they are ILLEGAL ALIENS.

What does the Media, the Illegals and their
supporters not understand about ILLEGAL ?

Illegals Set To March In Milwaukee, Wi

Illegals declare-

Together, we are the NEW MAJORITY !
(And they wonder why they are seen as arrogant Invaders)

Chicago Illegals Plan Marxist May Day March

Elena Rios, president of the National Hispanic Medical Association
“If the marches are anything like they have been in the last few
years, where more of our community are showing their pride and
commitment to their fellow Latinos, whether they’re documented
or not, I think it’s fantastic. I hope it gets media attention — and
more than just Univision and Telemundo. I hope we get on CNN
and mainstream English media talking about the importance of the
Latino vote in this election year. It will have an impact.”

No, you are just antagonizing Americans and alienating
yourselves. You
are not getting sympathy by marching
every year and making arrogant
demands. What part of
Illegal Is difficult for you to comprehend ? The only
Impact you will get Is more resentment ,and even more of
a push by the American people for tougher border

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