Thursday, April 24, 2008

The SPLC Has Christians In It's Sights

Morris "The Sleaze" Dees and his SPLC think
Christians are a "hate group".

'Hate Criminal' Noose
Tightens On Christians

By Rev. Ted Pike

The Southern Poverty Law Center, prominent Jewish
"civil liberties" group, recently alerted 300,000
influential people-including human rights groups,
politicians and 60,000 law enforcement officers-that
Rev. Ted Pike's National Prayer Network and
Traditional Values Coalition (TVC) are both "active
U.S. hate groups." SPLC calls us dangerous extremist
organizations. It wants police and government to
watch us closely.

TVC is a mainstream evangelical, ardently pro-Zionist
watchdog group. Its head is Jewish Christian,
Louis P. Sheldon.

How did this group make it on SPLC's "Year in Hate"
list? TVC opposes hate crime laws and the homosexual
agenda. For this reason, SPLC lists it beside Fred Phelps
' fanatics, the Klan and skinheads. Jewish activist groups
want to increasingly broaden the terms "hate" and "anti-
Semitism" to include evangelicals.

The Jewish-controlled "Office of Global Anti-Semitism"
in the U.S. State Department joins SPLC in attempts to
marginalize Christians. Eighty-two percent of American
evangelical Christians support Israel; but the State
Department says they are anti-Semites if they believe
the New Testament account of Jewish complicity in the

(See, Bible is Hate, says U.S. Government)!

Jewish activists thus display a truly hateful intent-to
harm Christians and deprive them of freedom. Such
activists work to warp public and government perceptions
of Christian conservatives-demonizing us as potential
sources of "homophobic," anti-Semitic bigotry and possible
violence. SPLC alleges a 48 percent increase of threat
from the "radical right" since 2000. Jewish attack groups
such as the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith,
American Civil Liberties Union, and People for the
American Way, smear "homophobic" evangelicals as
being part of this "threat."

After defaming Christians as "haters," Jewish supremacists
want to actually outlaw Christian political activity and
evangelism. The ADL created hate crime laws that will
particularly outlaw reproof of sodomy and evangelism of
non-Christians, especially Jews.

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