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FLDS Children Forced Into Foster Care - What A Loving Environment

The real face of the "16 year old rape victim" -33 year
old Rozita Swinton. Somebody must've put this peon
up to this. They got their long awaited excuse to raid
from Rozita's phony call.
Picture from
All out Zionist government raid to abduct
the children

Piture from
The abduction of the children by the
Zionist States thugs

An article on the FDLS children and their Internment In
foster care. The text In brackets dissects the Zionist

medias propaganda.

Many of the children have seen little or no television. They have
been essentially home-schooled all their lives. Most were raised
on garden-grown vegetables and twice-daily prayers with
family. They frolic in long dresses and buttoned-up shirts from
another century. They are unfailingly polite.

(Sounds like they had a very good upbringing and
parents. Abused children are known to have
behavioral problems
and antisocial tendencies. These
kids display none of that ! The real problem Is their
parents dared desire to live outside of this corrupt
Zionist system.)

"We recognize it's critical that these children not be exposed to
mainstream culture too quickly or other things that would hinder
their success," agency spokeswoman Shari Pulliam said. "We just
want to protect them from abuse and neglect. We're not trying to
change them."

(You've already abused them, and you will continue to
them. If you really don't want to change them, let
return home.)

Children raised on the FLDS compound must wear pioneer-style
dress and keep their hair pinned up in braids, reflecting their
standards of modesty. For the same reason, they have little
knowledge of pop culture. They must pray twice a
day. They
tend vegetable gardens and raise dairy
cows, and must eat fresh
food. And they are exceedingly
polite, always saying "please"
and "thank you."

( They refuse to allow them to remain as such. Their
lifestyle Is
quite a refreshing change from the Zionist
American "pop culture"
. Therefore they cannot allow
It to remain Intact, the
children must be
corrupted. Soon they will be bombarded with
lessons, Homosexual Indoctrination, and
the rest
of Zionist PC re-education programming. )

"These children who have lived in a very insular culture and are
suddenly thrust into mainstream culture. There's going to be
problems," said Susan Hays, who represents a toddler in the
custody case. "They are a throwback to the 19th century
how they dress and how they behave."

( They admit their problem= How dare their parents
not neglect them for a career and trendy lifestyle. How
dare their parents raise modest and respectful children ! )

Those who cling to the old traditions may pose another problem
for the state — they might run away. Driggs said polygamists' children
have fled foster homes before because "they want to go home,
they want to go to people and circumstances they're
used to."

(Maybe because they didn't want to be "rescued" In the
first place)

The children have been educated in a schoolhouse, using a
home-school curriculum, on the compound, and may actually
be ahead of public-school students their ages, lawyers said.

( They cannot have and do not want children educated
outside of
their system. They do not want Intelligent
children, now they
will work to dumb them down
In public schools. The
Indoctrination will begin soon.)

These Zionist media clowns contradict themselves
all of the time -

"We just want to protect them from abuse and neglect".

And now read here -

They have been essentially home-schooled all their
lives. Most were raised on garden-grown vegetables
and twice-daily prayers with family.

Sound like something abusive and neglectful
families do ?

They also say that these children are very polite
and respectful. If they were truly abused they would
display some of the following -

Appears withdrawn or engaged in fantasy or infantile behavior;
Begins wetting or soiling the bed; Has poor peer relationships; Is
unwilling to participate in physical activities; Is engaging in
delinquent acts; Reports sexual abuse; Engages in inappropriate
sexualized behavior; Devalues sexual acts and acts sexually
permissive; Fears a certain person or certain places; Gives an
unusual or unexpected response when asked if he or she was
touched by someone; Has an unreasonable fear of a physical
exam; Creates drawings that show sexual acts or that seem
overly focused on sexual body parts; More knowledge about
sex than is normal for the child's age; Pain, bruising, or bleeding
in the genitals; Seems preoccupied with or overly concerned
about sexual acts and words; Runs away

Obviously the abuse accusations are bogus. They
are just as fake as the "16 year old rape caller", 33
year old Rozita Swinton of Colorado Springs, Co .

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