Friday, April 25, 2008

Crown Heights Jews Terrorize Blacks !

On the prowl looking for Blacks !

They "patrol" In black SUV's like this, ready to harass
any Blacks they encounter.

"Among the many myths life and history have imposed

on Negroes,... is the myth that the Negroes' best friend
is the Jew."

Written by Black author Harold Cruse in 1967
[CRUSE, p. 476]

"Death to Niggers" say the Jews of Crown Heights !

The Jews of Crown Heights want Blacks out ! Where Is
the ADL and the SPLC
to condemn this as hate ? Why
Isn't the Crown Heights Auxiliary Patrol Police

condemned as a hate group ? It wouldn't have
anything to do with the fact that they're Zionists
would It ?

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