Friday, April 25, 2008

More Homosexual Agenda Antics From The Obama Camp

Obama aide says he didn't mean to blaspheme Jesus
Stopped using 'gay' video piece after Christian confronted him

An extended one-hour version of the lecture Lessig gave
Oct.3, 2006, in New York to the Google employees, including
the "Jesus Christ: The Musical" clip, has been
archived on

In the video, the Google employees are heard laughing
during presentation of the Jesus piece.

Warning ! This video Is very offensive -
The Video Denigrating Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ

Please also see-

A little-reported letter from the candidate to the
"LGBT community" declares Obama's enthusiastic
solidarity with the radical homosexual-rights agenda

The Secret Life Of Obama

And now let's have a look at some more "tolerance'' from
those of the Liberal Marxist persuasion . These are
the types that support Obama -

More Leftist "Tolerance" In Action

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