Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"The Sleaze" Dees And His Zionist SPLC Surface In The Texas Raid

Morris "The Sleaze" Dees

The SPLC Connection

The Southern Poverty Law Center condemnation of
the FLDS goes back to 2005 when they designated the
FLDS as a hate group. This ties in nicely with the
arrogant Zionist judge Susan Mazur, and crusader
Jon Krakauer. 1

Southern Poverty Law Center Police Bulletin

The Southern Poverty Law Center will name the
Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints to its “Hate Groups List” when it publishes its
quarterly Intelligence Report on May 1st. This Zionist
group tracks hundreds of groups ranging from the
Branch Davidians, the Nation of Islam, and most
"anti-Semitic" websites.

Filthy Propaganda

The Zionist mass media flooded the airways with
talk of child rape, molestation, and temple ceremonies.

For more details on the Zionist SPLC's Involvement-
It seems the Southern Poverty Law Center have been talking to
the FBI about the Mormons for three years

Another Infamous Incident with "The Sleazes"
Zionist SPLC Involved-
As evidence points to the American Mossad unit, the SPLC, all
the media blames the FBI and BATF

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