Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hate Crimes And The Democrats


The ADL Is the biggest advocate for
these un-Democratic laws.

When some have more protection by law, none
have equal protection by law.

To begin with, the effect is to create political crimes. In the past, if I
shot a Vietnamese, or Mormon, or white Christian, or homosexual, the
crime would be murder. My politics would have nothing to do with the
definition of the crime. Whether I did it for fun, or because I didn't like
immigrants, or thought Mormons were terrible people, would have nothing
to do with it. The crime was killing, not disliking a group.

That seems to be changing. Political view now begins to define the
crime. Killing a homosexual because I disliked homosexuals would be
a hate crime, while killing a rich man or beggar because I disapproved
of either would be ordinary murder and subject to lighter penalties. That
is, hating some people is becoming comparatively acceptable under the
law, while hating others, if not yet a crime yet in itself, makes a crime
carry a heavier penalty. We are criminalizing thought, and giving added
legal protection to some but not others.

This is an excellent way to undermine respect for the law, the
courts, and the police.

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