Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Four Of The Top Presidential Candidates Make The Top Ten Corruption List

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By Odessa

What does this say about the state of our system ? But What's
new with these clowns ? Washington Is a cesspool that works
for lobbyists and the Elite, rather than the people. We make
contributions too ! The tax dollars we get stolen from our
checks. But they probably just consider that Tributary
money. This countries Constitutional Republic Is destroyed.

Only those too biased are unable too
see It. When four of "our" top Presidential
candidates are on the top ten most
corrupt politician list. What does
that tell you ? Do you really think
any of these clowns are for change ?

1. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY): In addition
to her long and sordid ethics record, Senator Hillary Clinton
took a lot of heat in 2007 – and rightly so – for blocking the
release her official White House records. Many suspect these
records contain a treasure trove of information related to her
role in a number of serious Clinton-era scandals. Moreover, in
March 2007, Judicial Watch filed an ethics complaint against
Senator Clinton for filing false financial disclosure forms with
the U.S. Senate (again). And Hillary’s top campaign
contributor, Norman Hsu, was exposed as a felon and a fugitive
from justice in 2007. Hsu pleaded guilt to one count of grand
theft for defrauding investors as part of a multi-million
dollar Ponzi scheme.

5. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R-NY): Giuliani
came under fire in late 2007 after it was discovered the former
New York mayor’s office “billed obscure city agencies for tens of
thousands of dollars in security expenses amassed during the time
when he was beginning an extramarital relationship with future
wife Judith Nathan in the Hamptons…” ABC News also reported
that Giuliani provided Nathan with a police vehicle and a city driver
at taxpayer expense. All of this news came on the heels of the
federal indictment on corruption charges of Giuliani’s former
Police Chief and business partner Bernard Kerik, who pleaded
guilty in 2006 to accepting a $165,000 bribe in the form of
renovations to his Bronx apartment from a construction company
attempting to land city contracts.

6. Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR): Governor Huckabee
enjoyed a meteoric rise in the polls in December 2007, which
prompted a more thorough review of his ethics record. According
to The Associated Press: “[Huckabee’s] career has also been
colored by 14 ethics complaints and a volley of questions about
his integrity, ranging from his management of campaign cash to
his use of a nonprofit organization to subsidize his income to his
destruction of state computer files on his way out of the governor’s
office.” And what was Governor Huckabee’s response to these
ethics allegations? Rather than cooperating with investigators,
Huckabee sued the state ethics commission twice and attempted
to shut the ethics process down.

8. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL): A “Dishonorable
Mention” last year, Senator Obama moves onto the “ten
most wanted” list in 2007. In 2006, it was discovered that
Obama was involved in a suspicious real estate deal with an
indicted political fundraiser, Antoin “Tony” Rezko. In 2007, more
reports surfaced of deeper and suspicious business and political
connections It was reported that just two months after he joined
the Senate, Obama purchased $50,000 worth of stock in speculative
companies whose major investors were his biggest campaign
contributors. One of the companies was a biotech concern that
benefited from legislation Obama pushed just two weeks after the
senator purchased $5,000 of the company’s shares. Obama was
also nabbed conducting campaign business in his Senate office, a
violation of federal law.

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