Monday, January 7, 2008

The Zionist Elite Controlled Government

By Odessa

What the Elites puppet leader thinks of the
American people.

What the puppet Kings mother thinks of
dead U.S. armed forces members. Members who
died In a Bullshit war for these Elitist pigs.

Where American jobs are now going. The
elites are making a fortune on cheap
Illegal Mexican labor. Ever ask how It Is that
Illegal Mexicans never have employment
problems ? Even though the rest of America
suffers from a Job Shortage. American Jobs keep
drying up, yet more people keep coming In. That
defies logic, mass Immigration Is supposed to only be
welcomed during labor shortages.And also take Into
effect the jobs that are outsourced. We
suffer and the Elites get more $$$$ from
the wage savings.

Both political parties are just two sides of
the same coin. Both are Elite controlled.

The ultimate aim of the Elites= The NWO. Zionists,
Central Bankers-The Rothschilds and The
Rockefellars, The Illuminati, Skull &Bones, and
many other Elitist secret societies control Gov't
from behind the scenes. It Is all part of
their NWO endgame.

The Elites bleed us poorer and poorer. Dumb
down the populace as much as possible. Keep
them Ignorant about what really goes on
through media propaganda. Why not they're living It
up to the fullest, while we suffer. We struggle
just to get by, but do you think
they really care. Have they ever kept
their campaign promises ? It's all a
dog and pony show at election time. The
Elites appoint the candidate that does more
for them ! Not "We The People".

Soon they will engineer another economic collapse. Why
If they will not get money from a poor populace
you ask ? Sure they will, they will reposes all
of your personal properties and assets when you can't
pay up. Besides do you really think that the
people who create the money, need the money ?

Then If your young, poor and desperate
enough. You could always enlist and serve
In the Armed forces to make a living.

But that may be mandatory soon. They
are already discussing a mandatory
draft for all Men and Women between
18 and 42. Foot soldiers who are to become
pawns for a NWO Imperial conquest.

The Elites are also looking to Introduce
mandatory Biochip Implants for all
American citizens. Nobody will be
able to buy or sell anything without
them, or be employed. It will
be the mark of The Beast.

They will create a criminal class
out of citizens who resist. They will
brand us as "terrorists" and
"Anti-American". The HR 1955
now the s. 1959 bill Is already being
discussed. They will label any
American dissidents to the
Draconian regime as domestic
terrorists. And we were told Muslims
attacked us because of our freedom ! Who
attacked our freedom and
the American way of life. The Federal
Government !

This Is a must see link for any lover of freedom:

S. 1959 Criminalizes Thoughts, Blogs, Freedom Of Speech

The State of the Elites wet dreams. 24/7
surveillance and monitoring of the people. Thought
control and no Freedom. It will make the
totilitarian regimes of the past, look
like Democracies In comparison.

They want your soul, It's about total control.

They truly believe that "Freedom
Is Slavery". You are free, free to do
what they tell you !

But according to the Zionist Elite controlled
media all Is well.

They shut the populace up with 400 channels of
garbage TV, and news that Is really Disinformation
to keep the people Ignorant. Britney Spears
Is discussed by them more, than the erosion
of our rights ! And another sad fact Is that
a poll revealed, Americans know more
about the Simpson's than our 1st
amendment rights. To rule over slaves you
have to dumb them down to keep
them down. MSM Is doing a good job on
the American public.

Do you really believe the Elites have the
peoples well being and happiness In mind ?

Their stooge Bush makes It quite clear
that they do not !
What the Elites think of us and our last
remaining rights.

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