Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Fraud Of Diversity

By Odessa

What Race Is missing from this picture ?

Diversity = Anti-White. It Is meant to
be, It encourages hatred of Minorities.

And It encourages hatred of Whites by
Minorities. It only benefits the State,
and the victim hood culture of
diversity trainers. The State really
loves to wage Racial warfare, like
they wage class warfare. It's
a good distraction for the
Government, and big $
for Diversity trainer hucksters.

What does this really say
of the States attitude towards
Minorities ? They think you can not
succeed without the help of Diversity.

Most advocates of Diversity are
Ironically White ! Aren't you a little
Insulted If you're a Minority? Diversity
Is a plague on Western society.

And the politically correct thinking
sheeple are too Indoctrinated to see It. All
they do Is call those who oppose
this as KKK Or Nazi Bigots ! That canard
Is so old that It has gotten pathetic.

To think we'd see the day when the value
of judging by merit and not race. Would
be called Bigotry. But those who
would argue In favor of
Racial preference quotas
practice discrimination. They
are the Racists and the Bigots.

Besides Diversity advocates ,didn't MLK
the one you always cite. Desire to be
by the content of
his character, and not his skin.

How things get twisted over time by
hypocrites. Diversity Is really
for Political re-education, and
Not equality at all.

Some Articles On The Diversity Fraud:

What we call "political correctness" actually dates back to
the Soviet Union of the 1920s (politicheskaya pravil'nost' in
Russian), and was the extension of political control to education,
psychiatry, ethics, and behavior. It was an essential component
of the attempt to make sure all aspects of life were consistent with
ideological orthodoxy ? which is the distinctive feature of all
totalitarianisms. In the post-Stalin period, political correctness
even meant that dissent was seen as a symptom of mental
illness, for which the only treatment was incarceration.

Multiculturalism And Marxism.

"Diversity training often triggers workplace conflict and
lawsuits, by compelling employees to talk about contentious
racial or sexual issues"-


It is an uncomfortable conclusion from happiness research
data perhaps - but multicultural communities tend to be
less trusting and less happy.

Multicultural Societies Less Happy

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