Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Police State Thugs Harass A Colorado Family

You are not free to take care of your own
children Anymore !

Police and social services are nothing
but trouble. In America you have to
fear the Police more than
Gangs or Terrorists. And social
service workers love to send PIGS
out of spite !


Nearly a dozen members of a police SWAT team in western
Colorado punched a hole in the front door and invaded a
family's home with guns drawn, demanding that an
11-year-old boy who had had an accidental fall accompany
them to the hospital, on the order of Garfield County
Magistrate Lain Leoniak.

The boy's parents and siblings were thrown to the floor
at gunpoint and the parents were handcuffed in the weekend
assault, and the boy's father told WND it was all because a
paramedic was upset the family preferred to care for their
son themselves.

In America today you are not allowed
to exercise
your Constitutional Rights !

The sheriff said the decision to use SWAT team force was
justified because the father was a "self-proclaimed
and had made threats and "comments"
over the years.

Full article at the link below:
SWAT Pigs take child at gunpoint

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