Thursday, January 10, 2008

War (Of ) Terror Fraud Adam Gadahn

Adam Pearlman - Zionist Jew "Jihadist"

Adam Pearlman, the Jewish Mossad agent who once wrote stinging
essays condemning Muslims as "bloodthirsty terrorists", has once
again popped up as an "Al-Qaeda spokesman" to boost the Neo-Con's
imperial agenda by threatening George Bush on the eve of his trip
to the middle east.

In a new videotape, Pearlman, now calling himself Adam
Gadahn, states, "The occupied territories are awaiting their first
visit by the crusader Bush and the mujahideen are also waiting
for him," reports ABC News.

According to the tape, Gadahn promises to welcome Bush "with
bombs and traps

Pearlman's Roots

The FBI lists Gadahn's aliases as Abu Suhayb Al-Amriki,
Abu Suhayb, Yihya Majadin Adams, Adam Pearlman, and Yayah.

Adam Pearlman is his real name and his grandfather is
none other than the late Carl K. Pearlman; a prominent
Jewish urologist in Orange County. Carl was also a
member of the board of directors of the Anti-Defamation
League, which was caught spying on Americans for
Israel in 1993.
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