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Zionist Jew Dominance And Exploitation Of Blacks.

The early Black nationalist Marcus Garvey "stormed out of the
NAACP's headquarters in 1917, 'dumbfounded' by the apparent
domination of whites."

Jewish Dominance and Exploitation
of the Black Civil Rights Movement

Many observers argue that the presumed Jewish altruism and
social activism in the American civil rights movement of the
1960's had baser motives. Benjamin Ginsberg argues that
the multicultural coalitions spearheaded by Jews in
the civil rights era "was a political tactic" to "undermine
the power" of those establishment social forces that
hindered further Jewish socio-economic
[GINSBERG, p. 125] In 1975 Hasia Dinner
wrote a PhD thesis about the way that "Jewish support for
black causes was a way for Jews to broaden their own
rights without becoming conspicuous by advocating
their group interests."
[FEINGOLD, p. 130] "Jewish leaders,"
wrote Diner, "representing different socio-economic classes,
ideologies, and cultural experiences committed themselves to
black betterment and gave time, money, and energy to black
organizations. The spectrum was so wide and the involvement
so extensive that one must conclude that these leaders acted
out of peculiarly Jewish motives ... [My] book demonstrates
that Jewish ends were secured by involvement with
blacks." [DINER, p. xiv, xii]

(Similarly, Jewish author Peter Novick notes the changing Jewish
strategy in using massive Jewish attack against generic prejudice
as a tool in fending off specific anti-Jewish hostility:

"Any support of human rights in general by Jews," says
Israel Shahak, "which does not include the support of
human rights of non-Jews whose rights are being violated
by [Israel] is deceitful
... [Jewish] support of Blacks in the
South was motivated only by consideration of Jewish
[SHAHAK, p. 103] "The major role [that Jews]
once played in the civil rights movement," says Charles Liebman
and Stephen Cohen, "[is a] myth ... [that] enhances the self-image
of a Jew as a caring and sensitive minority selflessly contributing
to improve the lot of other minorities." [LIEBMAN/COHEN, p.
17] "Among the many myths life and history have imposed
on Negroes," wrote Black author Harold Cruse in 1967, "...
is the myth that the Negroes' best friend is the Jew."

[CRUSE, p. 476]

For years W.E.B. DuBois was the only Black officer in
, which was largely directed, funded, and controlled
in its early decades by Jews like Henry Moskowitz and
Joel Spingarn.
[ARSON, p. 140] (In 1913 Spingarn announced
a yearly award named after himself, the "Spingarn Medal," for
the "highest and noblest achievement of an American
Negro." [DINER, p. 138] ) In a later era, and another Black
organization, the Southern Leadership Christian
Conference, a Jew -- Stanley Levison -- even wrote
Martin Luther King's speeches for him.
p. 132] Levison has been described as one of King's "closest
personal advisers." [KAUFMAN, J., 1988, p. 66] This voice
of "Christian Leadership," Levison, was also discovered by the
FBI to have been a former Communist party member. [KAUFMAN,
J., p. 66] Another Jew, Marvin Rich, was the "chief fundraiser and
key speech writer for the Congress of Racial Equality --
CORE", [GINZBURG, p. 145] and his position was later filled by
another Jewish attorney, Alan Gartner. In the 1960s, "in
CORE, younger and more militant members blocked efforts by
[James] Farmer to name one of his Jewish advisers president of
CORE, insisting the post be filled with a black." [KAUFMAN, J.,
1988, p. 76] In the same era, the Executive Director of the American
Jewish Congress, Will Maslow, was also a CORE national board
member. (He resigned in outrage when one African-American
CORE official, Clifford Brown, angrily declared that Hitler
hadn't "killed enough" Jews). [UROFSKY, M., 1978, p. 327]

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