Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Secret Of The Jews

Is 'Secret Of The
Jews' Another 'Forgery'?
By Henry Makow PhD


In the Oscar winning picture "Chicago" a gun wielding
wife catches her husband in bed with two naked women.http://www.savethemales.ca/ 170203.html

"Don't shoot. I'm alone," he protests. "What about
those women?" she demands. "Believe what I tell
you," he replies, "not what you can see."

This is your future: a solipsism spun by the Zionist
media. Like the betrayed wife, we must ignore what
our eyeballs tell us: No wreckage from passenger
planes at the Pentagon or in Shanksville PA.

WTC-7, a 47-story building also owned by Larry
Silverstein near the twin towers pre-rigged and
demolished on Sept. 11. It wasn't hit by a plane.

Government news organizations like the CBC & BBC
are the worst. Recently the BBC was exposed for
removing from an interview Benazir Bhutto's
revelation that Osama bin Laden is dead.

Like the betrayed wife, we must ignore that the
world "Super- government" demanded by the
"Protocols of Zion" is unfolding before our eyes; that
all Western government are controlled by Zionists
(Sarkozy, Merkel, Brown, Bush and Harper) and
that Christianity has been gutted
texemarrs.com/012005/a_rogues_gallery.htm> and
replaced with humanism (the belief in man, i.e. banker,
as God) and a Cabalistic belief in sex as the
universal panacea.

Far from being a "superpower" the United States
is a Golem-- the automaton of Jewish folklore now
used to vanquish enemies of banker world government.

Humanity has been hijacked by a Satanic force that
would supplant God and distort reality. The strategy
is to buy off the ruling classes with important-sounding
jobs and the sheeple with gadgets and sex so neither
really cares about personal freedom. Spiritually and
morally, the human race is being cryogenically frozen
in a state of perpetual mediocrity and dysfunction.

The Illuminati see us as underage children. According
to "The Protocols": The peoples of the world "are...only
children under age, precisely as are their governments."
[15.20] The ideal situation for the 'cattle' nations (styled
in "The Protocols" as 'the Goyim') is "to have no opinion
of any kind in matters political, which is not given the
public to understand, because they are understood
only by him who guides the public. That is the first
secret." [5.10]

The strategy seems to be working.

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