Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Will Smith proves he Isn't afraid to speak his mind !

Will Smith has my respect ! A man who Isn't
afraid to speak his mind. But just be warned Will, the
Zionists may attempt to destroy your character. But
you have my respect for speaking what you feel. Now
we'll have to see If the PC Zionist machine goes
Into overdrive. We'll have to see If old Abe
Foxman gets hot and bothered now.

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Will Smith - 'Hitler Was Essentially A Good Person'

Will Smith Sees The Good In Hitler

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* Update- Will Smith buckled under the pressure and has
claimed It was a misquote. It appears he Is another Hollywood
coward. His career was In the cross hairs and he buckled. As I
said before, Abe Foxman and his Zionist ADL will get to Will
Smith and threaten his career. Abe Foxman did get hot
and bothered, and needed an explanation from Will. How
do we truly have freedom of speech ? When you must
explain your speech and thoughts ? To the thought
police. Zionists make me sick, I am disgusted by them and
their speech dictatorship. Will knew he had better make
a condemnation of Hitler, lest he'd be known as a Black
"Nazi". The only "Nazi's" here are the Zionist thought
police ! Too bad Will buckled rather than staying true
to his thoughts. Smiths new quotes are so obviously
fake, as they sound like the Zionist party line.

Hitler= the reason for all Evil, Racism, War, Disease,
Greed, Exploitation, Satanic child sacrifice, Genocide, etc.

He Is In their mind more wicked than Satan himself !

It gets old, especially since after Hitlers passing. The
Zionists and Neo-Cons have created a worse hell on
earth. They have Introduced war with no end for
profit, the ethnic cleansing of Muslims In Palestine
and Iraq- They also want Iran, the consolidation of
power Into the corporations, the police state with
citizens murdered at will- or tased, the suppression of
free thought with political correctness. They rape us
of our rights, they squeeze our middle class Into
extinction,wage class warfare on the poor and middle
class ,they ship our jobs to foreign countries (And
give jobs to Immigrants first), Have a War (of) Terror
against the American public (Not terrorists). Used
the American people as guinea pigs to test their
nuclear and chemical weapons programs effects- radiation
released over cities, the tuskegee experiments, Injection of
cancer cells Into unsuspecting hospital patients, AIDS
was created In a government lab for warfare, etc.They
encourage racial and ethnic hate one minute, then
tolerance the next. Hitler's sin was the whole
Holocaust affair, but Zionist were not
kosher either In WWII. And they still are not
kosher as they wage a second Holocaust on Palestinians !

Jews Against Zionism- The Brutal Zionist Role In the Holocaust

But only Hitler was evil they say, Hitler didn't have
shit on the Neo-Cons and Zionists ! He's just their
bogeyman still 62 years later. In 100 years though
I'm sure Osama Bin Laden Will take his place. As
the all time most evil bogey man to scare the sheeple !

Was Hitler perfect ? no, nobody Is perfect. But how
can Zionists and America condemn him ? When they
too have blood on their hands. That hypocritical thinking
Is what makes me sick.

Please see the links below:

Will Smith Says Scottish Paper Misquoted Him About Hitler

"We welcome and accept Will Smith's statement that Hitler was
a 'vicious killer' and that he did not mean for his remarks about
the Nazi leader to be mistaken as praise," Abraham H.
Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation
League, said in a statement.

ADL Accepts Will Smith's Explanation

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